1850 Census Ward 16

HIlley 19 m Boot & Shoemaker Germany h/o John A. List
Hackett 15 m Maryland h/o Jacob Webb
Hadaway 15 m Maryland h/o Mary James
Hagan 1 m Maryland
Hagan 29 m Clerk Georgetown D. C. h/o Alex. Jeffries
Hagan 29 f Maryland
Hagan 7 f Maryland
Haggan 1 m Pennsylvania
Haggan 26 f Ireland
Haggan 44 m Nailmaker Ireland
Hagna 17 f Maryland h/o C. E. Buckingham
Hahn 20 f Maryland
Hahn 29 m Railroad Conductor Maryland
Hale 14 f Maryland
Hale 16 m Maryland
Hale 46 f Maryland
Hale 52 m Merchant Delaware
Hall 23 m b Hodcarrier Maryland
Hall 2 f b Maryland
Hall 12-Feb f b Maryland
Hall 25 m b Brickmaker Maryland
Hall 25 f b Maryland
Hall 35 f b Maryland
Hall 12-Apr m b Maryland
Hall 14 f Maryland
Hall 20 m Clerk Maryland
Hall 40 f Virginia
Hall 9 f Maryland
Hamill 10 m Maryland
Hamill 12 f Maryland
Hamill 29 f Pennsylvania
Hamill 3 f Maryland
Hamill 36 m Marble rubber Ireland
Hamill 5 f Maryland
Hamill 6 f Maryland
Hamill 8 f Maryland
Hamill 12-Aug f Maryland
Hamilton 18 m Carpenter Maryland h/o James B. Buck
Hance 15 f Maryland
Hance 25 f Maryland
Hance 53 f Maryland
Hance 57 m Collector Maryland
Hance 8 f Maryland
Hand 28 f Germany
Hand 34 m Porter Germany
Hand 4 f Maryland
Hand 6 m Maryland
Hand 8 m Maryland
Hane 25 f Maryland h/o William B. Slack
Haney 12 f Maryland
Haney 2 m Maryland
Haney 26 f Virginia
Haney 40 f Virginia
Haney 51 m Watchmaker Maryland
Hanney 13 f Maryland
Hanney 33 f Maryland
Hanney 9 f Maryland
Hans 15 f Maryland
Hans 37 f Maryland
Hans 48 m Painter Maryland
Hans 9 m Maryland
Hare 51 m Scavenger England h/o James M. Brown
Hare 65 f New Jersey h/o James M. Brown
Harman 11 f Maryland
Harman 13 f Maryland
Harman 15 f Maryland
Harman 3 m Maryland
Harman 35 f Maryland
Harman 39 m Brickmaker Maryland
Harman 6 m Maryland
Harman 9 f Maryland
Harris 22 m Brushmaker Maryland h/o Henry Helmling
Harris 26 m Painter Maryland h/o Daniel Brunner
Harris 16 m Telegraph Operator Maryland h/o Wm. Dorbaker
Hartigan 2 m Maryland
Hartigan 24 f Ireland
Hartigan 35 m Cooper Ireland
Hartigan 6 f Maryland
Hartlove 1 f Maryland
Hartlove 23 f Maryland
Hartlove 27 m Bricklayer Maryland
Hartlove 4 m Maryland
Hartman 25 m Porter Germany
Hartman 26 f Germany
Hartman 4 days m Maryland
Hartman 11 f Maryland
Hartman 14 m Maryland
Hartman 16 f Maryland
Hartman 29 f Pennsylvania
Hartman 49 f Maryland
Hartman 54 m Shoemaker Maryland
Hartman 6 f Maryland
Hartman 9 f Maryland
Hartmann 18 f Germany
Hartmann 24 m Shoemaker Germany
Hartsog 11 m Maryland
Hartsog 2 m Maryland
Hartsog 33 f Maryland
Hartsog 4 m Maryland
Hartsog 43 m Merchant Maryland
Harvey 12 f Maryland
Harvey 14 m Pennsylvania
Harvey 15 f Pennsylvania
Harvey 3 f Maryland
Harvey 33 f Pennsylvania
Harvey 37 m Shoemaker Virginia
Harvey 4 m Maryland
Haskell 2 m Maryland
Haskell 25 f Maryland
Haskell 28 m Clerk Maryland
Haskell 4 f Maryland
Haslinger 20 day m Maryland
Haslinger 23 m Cooper Germany
Haslinger 24 f Germany
Haswell 11 m Maryland
Haswell 45 f Virginia
Haswell 49 m Moulder New York
Haswell 9 f Maryland
Haupt 11 m Maryland
Haupt 40 f Germany
Haupt 41 m Cooper Germany
Haupt 5 f Maryland
Haupt 73 m Laborer Germany
Hause 1 f Maryland
Hause 17 m Shoemaker Maryland
Hause 4 m Maryland
Hause 42 f Maryland
Hause 56 m Shoemaker Maryland
Hawkins 18 f Maryland
Hawkins 26 m Huckster Maryland
Hawkins 3 m Maryland
Hawkins 30 f Maryland
Hawkins 32 m Grocer Maryland
Hawkins 7 f Maryland
Hawkins 12-Sep m Maryland
Hayes 6 f b Maryland
Hayes 9 m b Maryland
Hayes 13 m b Maryland
Hayes 15 m b Maryland
Hayes 40 f b Maryland
Hays 38 f Maryland h/o Henry R. Merkel
Head 18 m Druggist Virginia h/o Rachel Gilpin
Heerwagen 1 m Maryland
Heerwagen 22 f Germany
Heerwagen 27 m Shoemaker Germany
Heiner 68 f Germany
Helmling 16 f Maryland
Helmling 36 f Maryland
Helmling 38 m Pumpmaker Maryland
Helmling 7 f Maryland
Hennick 10 f Maryland
Hennick 13 m Maryland
Hennick 15 m Maryland
Hennick 17 m Sailor Maryland
Hennick 3 m Maryland
Hennick 38 f Maryland
Hennick 43 m Watchman Maryland
Hennick 12-May m Maryland
Hennick 9 m Maryland
Henning 36 f Maryland
Henning 43 m Shoemaker Washington D. C.
Henning 7 f Maryland
Henry 24 m Blacksmith Ireland h/o David Anderson
Henry 19 f Ireland h/o Daniel Ledley
Henry 21 f Ireland h/o Daniel Ledley
Henson 35 f b Maryland
Henson 40 m b Laborer Maryland
Henson 60 f b Maryland
Henson 35 f b unknown
Henson 21 m Shoemaker Pennsylvania h/o Benj. Herlock
Hentz 22 f Louisiana
Hentz 3 f Maryland
Hentz 34 m Hotel Keeper Pennsylvania
Herget 25 f Maryland
Herget 3 m Maryland
Herget 30 m Confectioner Germany
Herget 4 m Maryland
Herget 63 m None Germany
Herling 1 f Maryland
Herling 25 f Washington D. C.
Herling 30 m Engineer Maryland
Herling 4 f Maryland
Herlock 26 m Machinist Pennsylvania
Heslinger 15 day f Maryland
Heslinger 3 f Maryland
Heslinger 33 m Cooper Germany
Heslinger 33 f Germany
Hess 2 m Maryland
Hess 12-Mar f Maryland
Hess 31 m Whipmaker Pennsylvania
Hess 33 f Pennsylvania
Hess 7 m Pennsylvania
High 16 m Carpenter Maryland h/o Wm. Williams
High 28 m Painter Maryland
High 30 f Maryland
High 10 f Maryland
High 12 f Maryland
High 16 f Maryland
High 18 f Maryland
High 4 m Maryland
High 41 f Maryland
High 46 m Painter Maryland
High 49 m Maryland
High 7 m Maryland
High 13 m Maryland
High 15 m Maryland
High 17 m Maryland
High 20 f Maryland
High 23 m Painter Maryland
High 46 m Painter Maryland
High 46 f Maryland
High 9 f Maryland
Hill 50 f Unknown
Hill 70 m Bandbox maker Maryland
Hill 60 f England
Hinklemann 1 f Maryland
Hinklemann 19 f Germany
Hinklemann 12-Feb m Maryland
Hinklemann 28 m Shoemaker Germany
Hintz 77 f Germany h/o J. Klopfenstein
Hissey 10 m Maryland
Hissey 2 m Maryland
Hissey 26 f Maryland
Hissey 31 f Maryland
Hissey 35 m Carter Maryland
Hissey 4 m Maryland
Hissey 6 m Maryland
Hissey 8 f Maryland
Hitchcock 58 f Maryland h/o Isaiah Terry
Hitselberger 22 m Boot fitter Maryland h/o Fred. Hause
Hoffman 27 m Currier Maryland
Hoffman 27 f Maryland
Hoffman 3 f Maryland
Hoffman 2 f Maryland
Hoffman 26 f Pennsylvania
Hoffman 30 m Currier Maryland
Hoffman 20 f Maryland h/o James Mewsies
Hoffman 27 m Clerk Maryland h/o James Mewsies
Hoffman 15 f Maryland h/o Chas W. Lusby
Hoffman 18 f Maryland h/o Chas W. Lusby
Hoffman 19 m Student Maryland h/o Chas W. Lusby
Hoffman 25 f Maryland h/o Chas W. Lusby
Hoffman 7 m Maryland h/o Chas W. Lusby
Hoffman 26 m Printer Maryland h/o Daniel Brunner
Hoffman 50 f Maryland h/o Daniel Brunner
Hoffman 11 m Maryland
Hoffman 12 m Maryland
Hoffman 2 m Maryland
Hoffman 35 m Leather Dealer Maryland
Hoffman 35 f Maryland
Hoffman 4 m Maryland
Hoffman 8 f Maryland
Hohn 53 f Maryland h/o Jeremiah Henning
Holland 17 m Carpenter Maryland
Holland 60 f Maryland
Hollingshead 38 f Maryland
Hollingshead 40 m Harbor Master Maryland
Hollingsworth 25 f Maryland
Hollingsworth 26 m Paperstainer Maryland
Hollingsworth 4 m Maryland
Hollingsworth 12-May f Maryland
Holstein 34 f Maryland h/o Wm. Sullivan
Holstein 2 m Maryland
Holstein 28 f Pennsylvania
Holstein 37 m Tinner Maryland
Holstein 4 f Maryland
Holstein 12-Jul m Maryland
Holt 10 f Maryland
Holt 32 m Hatter Pennsylvania
Holt 34 f Pennsylvania
Hooper 22 f Maryland h/o Samuel Burnett
Hooper 27 f Maryland
Hooper 12-Mar m Maryland
Hooper 30 m Sailor Maryland
Hoover 10 m Maryland
Hoover 20 f Maryland
Hoover 22 m Butcher Maryland
Hoover 25 m Butcher Maryland
Hoover 52 f Maryland
Hopkins 1 f Maryland
Hopkins 20 f Maryland h/o Rich. T. Turner
Houston 20 m Ship Carpenter Ireland
Houston 22 m Machinist Ireland
Houston 28 m Porter Ireland
Houston 35 f Ireland
Houston 63 f Ireland
Houston 69 m Ireland
Howard 16 f b Maryland
Howard 9 f Maryland h/o Prud. Schroeder
Howard 19 f Maryland
Howard 25 f Maryland
Howard 27 f Maryland
Howard 77 f Pennsylvania
Howard 15 f Maryland h/o Elis. Fitzgerald
Howes 50 f Maryland h/o James R Jackson
Howten 26 m Moulder Maryland
Howten 54 f Maryland
Hubrick 30 f Germany
Hubrick 36 m Tailor Germany
Hughes 48 f England
Hughes 48 m Grocer Maryland
Hughes 7 m Maryland
Hughes 9 m Maryland
Hughes 12-Nov m Maryland
Hughes 3 m Pennsylvania
Hughes 30 m Waggoner Ireland
Hughes 35 f Ireland
Hughes 5 f Pennsylvania
Hughes 9 f Pennsylvania
Hughes 20 m Ireland
Hughes 20 f Ireland
Hughes 50 f Ireland
Humphreys 25 f Maryland h/o Chas. E. Gray
Humphreys 12 m Maryland
Humphreys 17 f Maryland
Humphreys 19 f Maryland
Humphreys 41 f Maryland
Humphreys 42 m Kit cutter Maryland
Humphreys 1 f Maryland
Humphreys 31 f Maryland
Humphreys 31 m Railroad Conductor Maryland
Humphreys 4 m Maryland
Humphreys 6 f Maryland
Hunlein 4 m Maryland
Hunlein 41 f Germany
Hunlein 41 m Shoemaker Germany
Hunlein 12-Jul m Maryland
Hunt 25 f Maryland
Hunt 60 f Maryland
Hyman 14 m Germany h/o Leopold Singand


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