1850 Census Ward 16

Gable 11 f Germany h/o Frederick Mayer
Gable 23 m Tailor Germany
Gable 24 f Germany
Gaines 14 f Maryland h/o James B. Buck
Gaither 36 f Maryland h/o Lavinia Robinson
Gallagher 24 m Laborer Ireland h/o Michael Hughes
Gallagher 26 f Ireland h/o Michael Hughes
Gallup 1 f Maryland
Gallup 26 f Maryland
Gallup 3 m Maryland
Gallup 30 m Sailor Maryland
Gallup 6 m Maryland
Gannon? 17 f b Maryland
Gannon? 26 m b Laborer Maryland
Gant 39 f b Maryland
Gardner 24 m Clerk Massachusetts h/o Colin F. Hale
Gardner 17 m Bricklayer Maryland
Gardner 19 f Maryland
Gardner 22 f Maryland
Gardner 24 f Maryland
Gardner 28 m Cooper Maryland
Gardner 32 m Carpenter Maryland
Gardner 58 f Massachusetts
Gardner 61 m Cooper Massachusetts
Garrison 21 m b Barber Maryland
Garrison 21 f b Maryland
Garvin 24 m Moulder Pennsylvania h/o Thos. Gaskins
Gaskins 1 m Pennsylvania
Gaskins 2 f Pennsylvania
Gaskins 29 f Pennsylvania
Gaskins 30 m Moulder Pennsylvania
Gassaway 25 f Maryland h/o Aug. Robinson
Gatch 10 f Maryland
Gatch 12 m Maryland
Gatch 15 m Maryland
Gatch 41 f Maryland
Gatch 5 m Maryland
Gatch 52 m Millwright Maryland
Gatch 7 f Maryland
Gatch 9 m Maryland
Gauer 35 m Grocer Germany
Gauer 35 f Germany
Gauer 4 m Maryland
Gauer 8 f Maryland
Gehrman 19 f Maryland
Gehrman 28 m Segarmaker Germany
Gent 1 f Maryland
Gent 11 f Maryland
Gent 13 f Maryland
Gent 36 f Germany
Gent 38 m Iron melter Germany
George 1 m Maryland
George 25 f Maryland
George 3 m Maryland
George 35 m Grocer Maryland
Gephart 25 m Baker Germany h/o H. Witterkind
Gettier 29 m Tobacconist Maryland
Gettier 32 f Maryland
Geyer 2 f Maryland
Geyer 35 m Coachmaker Pennsylvania
Geyer 36 f Pennsylvania
Geyer 9 m Pennsylvania
Gibbs 19 m Carpenter Maryland h/o John F. Davis
Gibson 21 f b New York
Gildea 24 m Combmaker Maryland h/o Daniel Ross
Giles 1 m Maryland
Giles 10 m Maryland
Giles 3 f Maryland
Giles 30 f Maryland
Giles 33 m Carpenter Maryland
Giles 6 m Maryland
Gill 79 f Blind Maryland h/o Eleanora Levy
Gillan 12-Oct m Maryland
Gillan 26 f Ireland
Gillan 3 m Ireland
Gillan 36 m Laborer Ireland
Gillin 22 f Ireland h/o Phil Schroeter
Gillingham 11 m Maryland
Gillingham 13 m Maryland
Gillingham 14 m Maryland
Gillingham 33 f Maryland
Gillingham 34 m Clerk Maryland
Gillingham 4 f Maryland
Gillingham 12-Apr m Maryland
Gillingham 6 m Maryland
Gillingham 8 f Maryland
Gilman 11 f Rhode Island
Gilman 16 f Rhode Island
Gilman 2 m Maryland
Gilman 26 f Rhode Island
Gilman 5 f Maryland
Gilman 57 m Stovemaker New Hampshire
Gilmore 6 m Ireland h/o John O'Neil
Gilpin 13 m Maryland
Gilpin 15 m Maryland
Gilpin 16 f Maryland
Gilpin 20 m Fr__terer Maryland
Gilpin 22 m Druggist Maryland
Gilpin 24 m Druggist Maryland
Gilpin 28 m Engineer Maryland
Gilpin 4 f Maryland
Gilpin 40 f Virginia
Gilpin 8 m Maryland
Glanville 1 f Maryland
Glanville 28 f Virginia
Glanville 28 m Cabinetmaker Maryland
Glanville 3 f Maryland
Glanville 4 f Maryland
Glanville 5 m Maryland
Godwin 12 f Maryland
Godwin 14 m Maryland
Godwin 16 m Blacksmith Maryland
Godwin 19 f Maryland
Godwin 22 m Driver Maryland
Godwin 47 f Maryland
Godwin 47 m Sailor Virginia
Godwin 8 f Maryland
Godwin 9 m Maryland
Goff 22 f Maryland
Goff 24 m Carter New York
Golden 19 f Maryland
Golden 23 m Laborer Ireland
Golden 13 m Maryland
Golden 15 f Maryland
Golden 18 f Maryland
Golden 20 f Ireland
Golden 26 m Laborer Ireland
Golden 30 f Ireland
Golden 35 m Laborer Ireland
Golden 6 f Maryland
Golden 12-Jun f Maryland
Golden 9 f Maryland
Goldsborough 45 f b Maryland
Goldsborough 45 m b Carter Maryland
Gordon 1 m Maryland
Gordon 13 m Virginia
Gordon 17 m Virginia
Gordon 29 f Georgetown, D. C.
Gordon 4 f Maryland
Gordon 40 m Copyist Virginia
Gordon 12-Aug m Maryland
Gordon 9 m Virginia
Gorsuch 20 f Maryland h/o Daniel Brunner
Gorton 11 m Maryland
Gorton 13 f Maryland
Gorton 16 f Maryland
Gorton 19 m Draftsman Maryland
Gorton 4 f Maryland
Gorton 40 f Maryland
Gorton 42 m Seaman Maryland
Gould 24 m Laborer Massachusetts h/o James Davis
Gracen 28 f Ireland
Gracen 40 m Trader Ireland
Gracen 8 m Maryland
Gracen 9 m Maryland
Graf 24 m Wheelwright Germany h/o Harman Schwartze
Grafflin 22 m Collector Maryland h/o John Clark
Granger 10 f Maryland
Granger 12 m Maryland
Granger 15 m Maryland
Granger 3 f Maryland
Granger 34 f Maryland
Granger 12-Apr f Maryland
Granger 42 m Huckster Massachusetts
Granger 5 m Maryland
Granger 7 f Maryland
Grant 23 f Maryland
Grant 26 m Drayman Maryland
Grant 3 m Maryland
Grason 19 f Maryland h/o John Bangs
Gray 51 f b Maryland
Gray 60 m b Laborer Maryland
Gray 12-Oct m Maryland
Gray 18 f Maryland
Gray 27 m Brickmaker Maryland
Gray 1 m Maryland
Gray 27 f England
Gray 3 m Maryland
Gray 35 m Magistrate Maryland
Grede 13 m Germany h/o John A. List
Green 12 m Maryland
Green 14 f Maryland
Green 17 f Maryland
Green 22 f Maryland
Green 24 m Carpenter Maryland
Green 4 f Maryland
Green 45 f Maryland
Green 50 m Cooper Maryland
Green 9 f Maryland
Green 22 m Waggoner Maryland h/o Francis Dunn
Greenwald 1 f Maryland
Greenwald 3 m Maryland
Greenwald 5 m Maryland
Greenwald 8 f New York
Greenwald 28 f Germany
Greenwald 34 m Clothier Germany
Greenwood 17 f Virginia h/o James Richter
Gregg 30 m Chairmaker Scotland h/o Adam Knox
Grenewald 9 m Germany h/o Mitchel Ensel
Grice 31 f Maryland h/o Samuel Webb
Griffin 10 m Maryland
Griffin 32 m Cabinetmaker Washington D. C.
Griffin 32 f Maryland
Griffin 5 m Maryland
Griffin 7 m Maryland
Griffith 18 m Carpenter Maryland h/o Jos. C. Riley
Griffith 1 m Maryland
Griffith 10 f Maryland
Griffith 30 f Maryland
Griffith 4 f Maryland
Griffith 40 m Clerk Maryland
Griffith 6 m Maryland
Griffith 8 f Maryland
Griffith 69 f Massachusetts h/o Tadock Dickerson
Grill 21 m Tailor Germany h/o Fred. Aberly
Grimes 1 f Maryland
Grimes 29 f Maryland
Grimes 31 m Sailor Maryland
Grimes 4 m Maryland
Grimes 30 f Maryland h/o Wm. C. Short
Grimm 25 m Grocer Germany
Grimm 27 f Germany
Gross 16 m Painter Maryland h/o Wm. Sullivan
Gross 14 f Maryland h/o S. Hollingshead
Gross 17 m Coachsmith Germany h/o Thos. J. Bond
Gunther 30 m Tailor Germany h/o George Ehrhardt


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