1850 Census Ward 16


Eachus 12 f Maryland
Eachus 25 m Clerk Maryland
Eachus 55 f Pennsylvania
Early 23 m Clerk Maryland h/o Fed. Townshend
Eckman 42 f Maryland
Eckman 5 f Maryland
Eckman 50 m Shoemaker Virginia age could be 58
Edmondson 25 f Maryland
Edmondson 27 m Sailor Maryland
Edmondson 48 f Maryland
Edmondson 58 m Sailor Maryland
Egan 40 f Pennsylvania
Ehrhardt 1 m Maryland
Ehrhardt 31 m Tailor Germany
Ehrhardt 35 f Germany
Ehrhardt 9 f Maryland
Eichelberger 2 m Maryland
Eichelberger 27 f Maryland
Eichelberger 35 m Carpenter Pennsylvania
Eichelberger 4 f Maryland
Elder 39 f Maryland h/o Francis Ray
Elder 48 f Maryland h/o Francis Ray
Ellerman 53 f Germany h/o Leopold Singand
Ellis 18 m Maryland
Ellis 47 f Maryland
Ellis 55 m Grocer Germany
Emerson 24 f Pennsylvania
Emerson 25 m Sadler Alexandria Va.
Emory 10 m Maryland
Emory 13 m Maryland
Emory 17 m Maryland
Emory 38 f Maryland
Emory 47 m Merchant Maryland
Emory 5 m Maryland
Emory 8 m Maryland
Emory 17 f Maryland
Emory 24 m Druggist Maryland
Emory 25 f Maryland
Emory 26 f Maryland
Emory 12-Apr f Maryland
Emory 51 f Maryland
Engelhart 2 m Maryland
Engelhart 31 m Shoemaker Germany
Engelhart 33 f Germany
Engelhart 4 m Maryland
Ennis 17 f Maryland h/o J. G. Mackintyre
Ensel 44 m Trader Germany
Ensel 46 f Germany
Ensey 66 f Maryland
Ensey 68 m Maryland
Erdman 2 m Maryland
Erdman 12-Feb m Maryland
Erdman 26 f Maryland
Erdman 34 m Millwright Maryland
Erdman 4 f Maryland
Erdman 6 m Maryland
Erdman 8 f Maryland
Ernold 25 f Germany
Ernold 35 m Carter Germany
Evans 20 f Indiana h/o Wm. Williams
Evans 2 m Maryland
Evans 23 f Maryland
Evans 27 m Machinist South Carolina
Evans 12-Apr m Maryland
Falker 19 m Cabinetmaker Germany h/o Harman Bruning
Fanning 16 f Ireland h/o R. B. Stewart
Farsch 1 f Maryland
Farsch 25 f Germany
Farsch 28 m Cooper Germany
Fawnsworth 40 m Tailor Virginia h/o Catharine Owings
Fehring 27 f Germany
Fehring 34 m Cooper Germany
Fennell 1 f Maryland
Fennell 12 f Maryland
Fennell 34 f Delaware
Fennell 49 m Clerk Maryland
Fenner 16 m Shoemaker Germany
Fenner 18 m Shoemaker Germany
Fenner 4 m Maryland
Fenner 49 f Germany
Fenner 50 m Shoemaker Germany
Fergusson 22 f Maryland
Fergusson 22 m Coachsmith Washington D. C.
Ferry 32 f Virginia
Ferry 45 m Grocer Delaware
Ferry 5 f Maryland
Ferry 7 m Maryland
Ferry 9 m Maryland
Fields 20 m Coachsmith Maryland h/o Thos. J. Bond
Fillinger 1 f Maryland
Fillinger 10 f Maryland
Fillinger 13 f Maryland
Fillinger 18 m Grocer Maryland
Fillinger 2 f Maryland
Fillinger 39 f Maryland
Fillinger 47 m Grocer Maryland
Fillinger 5 m Maryland
Fillinger 8 f Maryland
Fischer 1 f Maryland
Fischer 30 f Germany
Fischer 32 m Blacksmith Germany
Fisher 10 f Maryland h/o John F. Davis
Fislage 11 f Maryland
Fislage 12 f Maryland
Fislage 34 f Germany
Fislage 36 m Grocer Prussia
Fister 12-Nov f Maryland
Fister 38 m Laborer Germany
Fister 44 f Germany
Fitzgerald 12 f Pennsylvania
Fitzgerald 19 f Delaware
Fitzgerald 48 f Pennsylvania
Fitzgerald 30 f Ireland
Fitzgerald 40 m Laborer Ireland
Fitzgerald 6 m Ireland
Fitzgerald 8 f Ireland
Fitzgerald 2 f Massachusetts
Fitzgerald 32 f Ireland
Fitzgerald 34 m Butcher Ireland
Fitzgerald 18 m Stonecutter Ireland
Fitzgerald 26 f Maryland
Fitzgerald 36 m Grocer Ireland
Flanigan 1 f Maryland
Flanigan 28 f Ireland
Flanigan 32 m Drayman Ireland
Fleishell 12 m Maryland
Fleishell 13 f Maryland
Fleishell 15 m Maryland
Fleishell 3 f Maryland
Fleishell 42 f Massachusetts
Fleishell 5 m Maryland
Fleishell 7 f Maryland
Flemming 21 m Apothecary Pennsylvania h/o John Lewis
Fletcher 25 f b Maryland
Flinspach 3 f Maryland h/o Henry Ellis
Flinspach 22 f Maryland
Flinspach 26 m Currier Germany
Flint 17 m Druggist Maryland h/o Rachel Gilpin
Flowers 23 f Delaware h/o James Standiford
Flurry 17 f Maryland
Flurry 22 m Carpenter Maryland
Flurry 47 m Sailmaker Virginia
Flurry 50 f Maryland
Flurry 14 f Maryland h/o John Kettlewell
Flynn 12-Nov f Maryland
Flynn 21 f Maryland
Flynn 29 m Coppersmith Maryland
Flynn 3 f Maryland
Fogarty 35 f Pennsylvania
Fogarty 8 f Maryland
Folk 13 m Maryland
Folk 44 f Ireland
Ford 17 m Moulder Maryland
Ford 19 f Maryland
Ford 22 m Moulder Maryland
Ford 26 f Maryland
Ford 28 f Maryland
Ford 50 m Ship Carpenter England
Ford 61 f Maryland
Forde 21 m Sailmaker Maryland h/o Wm. McAllister
Forrest 27 m Clerk Maryland Hotel/of H. G. Brown
Foss 75 f Maryland
Foss 24 f Germany
Foss 33 m Germany
Foster 18 f Maryland
Foster 28 m Plumber Pennsylvania
Foster 48 f Pennsylvania
Foster 57 m Blacksmith Pennsylvania
Fountain 22 f b Maryland
Fountain 37 f b Maryland
Fountain 18 m Sailmaker Maryland h/o Wm. McAllister
Fowler 12-Jan m Maryland
Fowler 24 f Maryland
Fowler 28 m Mail Driver Maryland
Fox 37 m Shoemaker Virginia
Fox 43 f Virginia
Frances 50 f Maryland h/o John E. Ward
Frances 56 m Painter Maryland h/o John E. Ward
Francke 29 f Germany
Francke 32 m Laborer Germany
Franklin 20 f Maryland h/o Ingram Peacock
Franklin 24 m Cigarmaker Maryland h/o Ingram Peacock
Franklin 24 m Cigarmaker Maryland h/o Thomas J. Perine
Fraser 65 m Iron Dealer Scotland
Frazer 46 f Scotland
Free 11 m Maryland
Free 13 m Maryland
Free 15 f Maryland
Free 22 f Maryland
Free 43 f Maryland
Free 45 m Cooper Maryland
Free 5 f Maryland
Free 8 f Maryland
Freeburger 10 f Maryland
Freeburger 25 f Maryland
Freeburger 31 m Huckster Maryland
Freeburger 4 m Maryland
Freeburger 6 f Maryland
Freeland 12 m Maryland
Freeland 15 f Maryland
Freeland 17 m Maryland
Freeland 19 f Maryland
Freeland 45 f Maryland
Freeland 60 m Tobacco dealer Maryland
Frey 18 m Coachsmith France h/o Thos. J. Bond
Freyer 20 m Tailor Germany
Freyer 50 f Germany
Freyer 53 m None Germany
Fries 17 m Tailor Maryland h/o Martin Worst
Frost 36 m Engineer Maryland Hotel/of H. G. Brown
Fuller 18 m Moulder Maryland h/o Jos. A.Gilman


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