1850 Census Ward 16

Cain 25 f Ireland
Cain 33 m Laborer Ireland
Cain 2 m Maryland
Cain 30 m Laborer Ireland
Cain 36 m Laborer Ireland
Cain 36 f Ireland
Cain 4 f Maryland
Cain 66 f Maryland h/o Susan Barry
Calvert 16 f Maryland h/o John Burrows
Camp 32 m Clerk Maryland h/o Ann M. Reckitt
Caney 55 m Shoemaker Ireland h/o Spencer Warring
Cannon 1 f Maryland
Cannon 25 f Maryland
Cannon 28 m Carpenter Virginia
Cannon 3 f Maryland
Cannon 5 m Maryland
Caram 11 m Pennsylvania
Caram 16 f Maryland
Caram 49 f Maryland
Caram 57 m Shoemaker Pennsylvania
Caram 8 f Maryland
Caram 15 f Maryland h/o Jesse L. Lippey
Care 47 f b Maryland
Carey 24 m Tailor Ireland h/o Catharine Owings
Cariss 20 f Ireland h/o Robert Bines
Carl 24 f Ireland
Carl 26 m Waiter Ireland
Carle 31 m Laborer Germany h/o Christop Gauer
Carpenter 18 f Maryland h/o Geo.Griffin
Carpenter 55 f Maryland h/o Chris. H. Raborg
Carrick 12 m Maryland
Carrick 14 f Maryland
Carrick 17 m Machinist Maryland
Carrick 37 f Maryland
Carrick 38 m Machinist Maryland
Carrick 4 m Maryland
Carrick 9 f Maryland
Carroll 18 f b Maryland
Carter 14 m Maryland h/o John H. Barnes
Carter 22 f Maryland
Carter 25 m Bricklayer Maryland
Carter 12-Mar m Maryland
Carter 14 f Maryland
Carter 51 f Maryland
Carter 52 m Grocer Maryland
Carter 9 f Maryland
Carvill 20 m Sailmaker Maryland h/o Wm. McAllister
Caton 23 f Ireland h/o James Schooley
Caton 30 m Huckster Ireland h/o James Schooley
Caulk 24 m Boot & Shoemaker Maryland h/o Spencer Warring
Chaillon 11 m Maryland
Chaillon 15 m Maryland
Chaillon 17 m Cook New York
Chaillon 2 f Maryland
Chaillon 38 f France
Chaillon 42 m Cook France
Chaillon 8 f Maryland
Chamberlain 10 m Maryland
Chamberlain 2 m Maryland
Chamberlain 12-Mar m Maryland
Chamberlain 34 f Maryland
Chamberlain 37 m Shoemaker Maryland
Chamberlain 5 f Maryland
Chamberlain 7 f Maryland
Chase 1 m Maryland
Chase 12 f Maryland
Chase 39 m Brickmaker Massachusetts
Chase 5 f Maryland
Chase 7 f Maryland
Chase 19 m Clerk Maryland
Chase 32 f Maryland
Chase 58 f Pennsylvania
Chase 62 m Merchant New Hampshire
Chenowith 15 f Maryland h/o Samuel Bebee
Chetcoat 18 f Maryland h/o Eleanora Levy
Childs 62 f Maryland h/o Levin Mills
Clantice 15 f Maryland
Clantice 17 f Maryland
Clantice 2 f Maryland
Clantice 12-Feb f Maryland
Clantice 20 f Maryland
Clantice 39 f Maryland
Clantice 4 m Maryland
Clantice 54 m Blacksmith Maryland
Clantice 6 f Maryland
Clark 2 f Maryland h/o Susannah Dobbins
Clark 26 f Maryland h/o Susannah Dobbins
Clark 27 m Machinist Maryland h/o Susannah Dobbins
Clark 4 f Maryland h/o Susannah Dobbins
Clark 12-Feb f Maryland h/o Adam Knox
Clark 23 f Scotland h/o Adam Knox
Clark 25 m Machinist Maryland h/o Adam Knox
Clark 15 m Maryland h/o Elisabeth Cook
Clark 54 f Maryland
Clark 64 m Laborer Maryland
Clark 19 f Maryland h/o Joseph Bonn
Clark 14 m Maryland
Clark 15 f Maryland
Clark 17 f Maryland
Clark 19 f Maryland
Clark 2 m Maryland
Clark 39 f Maryland
Clark 4 f Maryland
Clark 52 m Lottery Dealer Maryland
Clark 6 m Maryland
Clark 7 f Maryland
Clarken 74 f Maryland
Clifford 33 f Maryland
Clifford 62 m Property Agent Connecticut
Clifford 2 m Maryland
Clifford 27 f Maryland
Clifford 27 m Furniture Dealer Maryland
Clifford 5 m Maryland
Clogg 27 m Boot & Shoemaker Maryland h/o Ann M. Reckitt
Coates 9 m Maryland h/o J. G. Mackintyre
Cockey 33 f Maryland
Cockey 37 m Grocer Maryland
Cockey 6 m Maryland
Cockey 7 f Maryland
Cogswell 24 f New Jersey
Cogswell 57 m Shoemaker New Jersey
Cogswell 57 f New Jersey
Cohen 28 f Germany h/o Rachel Heiner
Cohen 4 m Germany h/o Rachel Heiner
Colan 22 m Cooper Maryland h/o Wm. Fowler
Cole 12-Oct f Maryland
Cole 18 m Clerk Maryland
Cole 21 f Maryland
Cole 24 m Tobacconist Maryland
Cole 42 f Maryland
Cole 53 m Livery stable Maryland
Cole 17 f Maryland h/o David Whitson
Colflesh 18 f Pennsylvania h/o David Geyer
Colflesh 21 f Pennsylvania h/o David Geyer
Colflesh 24 m Coachmaker Pennsylvania h/o David Geyer
Collins 57 f Pennsylvania h/o John F. Hoffman'
Collins 2 m Maryland
Collins 26 f Maryland
Collins 32 m Restaurant Prop. Maryland
Collins 4 f Maryland
Collins 7 f Maryland
Collins 23 f Maryland
Collins 25 f Maryland
Collins 31 m Clerk Maryland
Collison 2 f Maryland
Collison 33 f Maryland
Collison 4 f Maryland
Collison 42 m Tailor Maryland
Collison 6 m Maryland
Collison 8 m Maryland
Conkling 25 m Clerk New Jersey h/o Samuel B. Sexton
Conner 67 f Pennsylvania h/o Samuel B. Cross
Conner 20 m Blacksmith Ireland
Conner 35 f Ireland
Connolly 10 m Maryland
Connolly 12 f New York
Connolly 14 m New York
Connolly 16 m Messenger New York
Connolly 34 f Ireland
Connolly 4 m Maryland
Connolly 45 m Marble Polisher Ireland
Connolly 7 m Maryland
Connolly 12-Sep m Maryland
Connor 24 f Washington D. C.
Connor 29 m Huckster Maryland
Connor 16 m Laborer Ireland h/o Robert Miller
Connor 30 m Nailmaker Ireland h/o Robert Miller
Connor 60 f Ireland h/o Robert Miller
Cook 24 m Shoemaker Germany h/o Ann M. Reckitt
Cook 18 f Maryland
Cook 23 m Tailor Maryland
Cook 26 f Maryland
Cook 64 f Maryland
Cook 11 m Maryland
Cook 13 m Maryland
Cook 15 m Maryland
Cook 2 m Maryland
Cook 33 f Maryland
Cook 40 m Grocer Pennsylvania
Cook 6 f Maryland
Cook 8 m Maryland
Cooper 12 m Maryland
Cooper 30 f Maryland
Cooper 37 m Cooper Maryland
Cooper 5 m Maryland
Cooper 17 f Maryland
Cooper 20 m Medical Student Maryland
Cooper 44 m Lumberman Maryland
Cooper 49 f Maryland
Cooper 21 m Clerk Germany h/o George Fislage
Copeland 20 m Stonecutter Pennsylvania h/o Almon Wright
Corkran 10 f Maryland
Corkran 11 f Maryland
Corkran 34 f Maryland
Corkran 36 m Merchant Maryland
Cornelius 12-Jan f Maryland
Cornelius 22 f Maryland
Cornelius 22 m Clerk Maryland
Covain  ? 15 f Maryland h/o Charles Purpur
Cowman 16 f Virginia h/o James T. Watson
Cox 35 f Maryland h/o Chas. E. Gray
Crangle 1 f Maryland
Crangle 10 m Maryland
Crangle 13 f Maryland
Crangle 15 f Maryland
Crangle 18 f Maryland
Crangle 38 f Ireland
Crangle 50 m Grocer Ireland
Crangle 6 m Maryland
Crawford 37 f m West Indies
Crawford 11 f Maryland
Crawford 15 f Maryland
Crawford 17 f Maryland
Crawford 38 f Maryland
Crawford 40 m Carpenter Maryland
Crew 21 m Carpenter Maryland
Crew 24 m Driver Maryland
Crew 29 f Maryland
Crew 38 f Maryland
Crew 66 f Maryland
Crigin 10 f Maryland
Crigin 12-Oct m Maryland
Crigin 12 f Maryland
Crigin 3 f Maryland
Crigin 34 f France
Crigin 41 m Boot & Shoemaker France
Crigin 6 m Maryland
Crigin 8 m Maryland
Cromwell 2 f Maryland
Cromwell 26 f Washington D. C.
Cromwell 29 m Cabinetmaker Maryland
Cromwell 4 m Maryland
Cromwell 6 m Maryland
Cromwell 8 f Maryland
Cross 20 m b Brickmaker Maryland
Cross 27 f b Maryland
Cross 10 m Maryland
Cross 15 m Maryland
Cross 16 m Coachmaker Maryland
Cross 17 f Maryland
Cross 18 f Maryland
Cross 3 f Maryland
Cross 45 m Coachmaker New Jersey
Cross 12-Jun f Maryland
Crouch 19 f Maryland h/o Rich. Cornelius
Crouch 20 m Clerk Maryland h/o Rich. Cornelius
Crow 23 f b Maryland
Crow 24 m b Laborer Maryland
Cullum 12-Jan f Maryland
Cullum 26 m Miller Maryland
Cullum 30 f Virginia
Culver 12-Nov m Maryland
Culver 20 f Maryland
Culver 28 m Cooper Maryland
Culver 3 f Maryland
Cushing 59 m Bank Officer Massachusetts
Cutter 34 f Maine h/o Elis. Lodor


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