1850 Census Ward 16

Last Name       Age   Sex Occupation Born Notes
Abell 1 m Maryland
Abell 24 f Maryland
Abell 33 m Shoemaker Maryland
Abell 38 m Shoemaker Maryland
Abell 4 m Maryland
Aberly 26 f Germany
Aberly 28 m Tailor Germany
Aberly 4 m Maryland
Aberly 12-Sep m Maryland
Ackler 1 f Maryland
Ackler 10 f Maryland
Ackler 12 m Maryland
Ackler 14 m Maryland
Ackler 36 m Shoemaker Germany
Ackler 37 f Germany
Ackler 4 f Maryland
Ackler 6 f Maryland
Ackler 8 m Maryland
Adams 21 m Carpenter Maryland h/o Benj. Herlock
Adams 14 f Maryland
Adams 16 m Paperstainer Maryland
Adams 2 m Maryland
Adams 37 f Maryland
Adams 38 m Hatter Maryland
Adams 4 m Maryland
Adams 7 f Maryland
Adams 9 f Maryland
Addison 11 f Indiana
Addison 13 f Indiana
Addison 35 f Virginia
Addison 4 m Maryland
Addison 47 m Physician Maryland
Addison 8 m Indiana
Addison 25 f Maryland h/o W. R. Tumblinson
Addison 3 m Maryland h/o W. R. Tumblinson
Adler 22 m Coachsmith Maryland h/o Julia A. Watts
Adler 1 m Maryland
Adler 10 f Maryland
Adler 15 f Maryland
Adler 34 f Maryland
Adler 38 m Coachsmith Maryland
Adler 7 f Maryland
Aelert 20 m Blacksmith Germany h/o John D. Bobert
Affareanx 22 f Maryland h/o Wm. Lanahan
Ahlsleger 14 m Maryland
Ahlsleger 19 m Sadler Maryland
Ahlsleger 48 m Cheese Dealer Germany
Ahlsleger 51 f Germany
Akers 1 m Maryland
Akers 22 f Maryland
Akers 27 m Watchmaker England
Albert 26 m Boot fitter Pennsylvania h/o Spencer Warring
Albert 18 day f Maryland
Albert 23 f Germany
Albert 28 m Butcher Germany
Alderdice 57 f Ireland h/o Conduce Gatch
Alevins 22 m Tailor Germany h/o John B. Diets
Allbright 17 m Clerk Maryland
Allbright 18 f Maryland
Allbright 56 f Pennsylvania
Allbright 58 m Bailiff Maryland
Allen 14 m Maryland h/o John H. Barnes
Allen 67 m Cooper Maryland
Allen 68 f Maryland
Allen 40 f Maryland
Allen 46 m Cooper Maryland
Allen 11 f Maryland
Allen 14 m Maryland
Allen 15 day f Maryland
Allen 33 f Maryland
Allen 4 m Maryland
Allen 40 m Ploughmaker Pennsylvania
Allen 5 m Maryland
Amey 11 f Maryland
Amey 13 f Maryland
Amey 15 f Maryland
Amey 35 f Pennsylvania
Amey 38 m Cooper Maryland
Amey 6 m Maryland
Amey 8 m Maryland
Amos 1 m Maryland
Amos 23 f Maryland
Amos 25 m Driver Maryland
Anderson 10 f Maryland
Anderson 11 f Maryland
Anderson 13 m Maryland
Anderson 40 m Blacksmith Maryland
Anderson 40 f Ireland
Anderson 7 m Maryland
Anderson 9 f Maryland
Andrews 60 f Pennsylvania h/o William B. Slack
Anerochs 23 f Germany
Anerochs 23 m Cabinetmaker Germany
Anthony 1 f Maryland
Anthony 24 m Bookkeeper Pennsylvania
Anthony 26 f Ireland
Appleby 1 f Maryland
Appleby 10 f Maryland
Appleby 30 f Maryland
Appleby 30 m Machinist Maryland
Appleby 5 m Maryland
Armager 18 f Maryland h/o Wm. Williams
Armager 20 m Brickmaker Maryland h/o Hannibal H.Chase
Armor 2 m Maryland
Armor 22 f Maryland
Armor 30 m Merchant Maryland
Armor 4 f Maryland
Arnold 8 f Maryland h/o Thomas Twigg
Arnold 12-Feb f Maryland
Arnold 22 f Washington D. C.
Arnold 29 m Bricklayer Maryland
Arnold 3 m Maryland
Arnold 5 f Maryland
Arroway 2 f Maryland
Arroway 23 f Maryland
Arroway 26 m Carpenter Maryland
Ashland 20 m Carpenter Maryland h/o Jos. F. Kemp
Ashton 11 f Maryland
Ashton 14 f Maryland
Ashton 16 m Maryland
Ashton 16 m Ship joiner Maryland
Ashton 18 f Maryland
Ashton 20 f Maryland
Ashton 22 m Printer Maryland
Ashton 46 f Maryland
Ashton 50 m Bookkeeper Virginia
Ashton 54 f Virginia
Ashton 7 m Maryland
Atler 18 f Maryland h/o Mary Bookhultz
Atler 19 f Maryland
Austin 18 m Coachsmith Maryland h/o Thos. J. Bond
Ayres 24 f Maryland
Ayres 27 m Grocer Maryland
Ayres 3 f Missouri
Ayres 4 f Missouri

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