Request for Birth Certificates


The following list is an index of OTTO parents obtaining birth certificates for newborns in Baltimore City 1875-1880. Each transcribed entry includes the date of birth and the birth certificate serial number. 
Submitted by:  John Otto

Henry and Margaretha on January 9, 1875. A195.

Peter and Annie on April 18, 1875. A2389

J. F. and Mary on April 26, 1875, A2615

Andrew and Eva on May 22, 1875, A3079

William and Elizabeth on September 13, 1875, A5872.

William and Edan on October 14, 1875, A6124.

George and Maria on July 10, 1876, A12994.

August and Anna on September 2, 1876, A12521.

George and Mary on September 25, 1876, A14140.

George and Anna on March 15, 1877, A17460.

Simon and Annie on May 20, 1878, A24961.

G. T. and Mary on November 30, 1878, A28127.

Peter and Annie on July 2, 1879, A31972.

August and Anna on July 16, 1879, A32247.

Oscar and Annie on November 21, 1879, A35195.

Andrew and Eva on February 3, 1880, A37017.

Henry and Margaret on March 1, 1880, A37650.

G. W. and Mary on October 18, 1880, A42899.

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