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Submitted by:  Theresa Kingsley

Name: Francis Edward Cochran
Race: white
Address: 1717 Aiken St., Baltimore
Birth Place: Upper Crossroads, Md.
Birth Date: 19 Oct 1894
Comment: Ind 4/13/18 pvt, 328 Aero Sq; School for Radio Mec College Station Tex. 5/14/18; School for Radio Oper Austin Tex. 7/4/18; Sq C Ellington Field Tex. 9/30/18; 27 Balloon Co 11/12/18, Hon disch 12/12/18
Name: Frank Harrison Cochran
Race: white
Address: 1051 N. Milton Ave., Baltimore
Birth Place: Baltimore, Md.
Age: 25 yrs
Comment: NRF (MNM) 4/19/17 app sea; sea 2c 6/18/17; sea 1/1/18, Baltimore Md.; USS Massachusetts 6/25/17; Armed Draft Detail New York N.Y. 5/1/18; USS Albany 5/2/18; Armed Draft Detail New York N.Y. 6/7/18; SS Mexico 10/12/18; Armed Draft Detail New York N.Y. 12/4/18, Inact 12/10/18
Name: Sam Bacon Cochran
Race: white
Address: 27 S. Linwood Ave., Baltimore
Birth Place: Chester, Pa.
Birth Date: 21 Jan 1891
Comment: NRF 6/21/17 hosp app 2c; yeo 3c 3/1/18; yeo 2c 9/1/18, Recg Ship Norfolk Va. 12/3/17; Navy Yard Portsmouth Va. 7/7/18, Inact 12/11/18
 Name: Charles Emil Vomastek
Race: white
Address: 2233 E. Oliver St., Baltimore
Birth Place: Baltimore, Md.
Birth Date: 18 Apr 1895
Comment: NRF 7/10/17 fireman 1c; engineman 2c 4/1/18; engineman 1c 11/1/18, USS Bulgaria 7/13/17; Recg Ship Norfolk Va. 7/30/17; USS W A Edwards 8/10/17; 1 Naval Dist 3/31/19; Hosp Chelsea Mass. 5/22/19; 1 Naval Dist 7/9/19, Inact 7/31/19
Name: Frank C Vomastek
Race: white
Address: 1608 St. Joseph St., Baltimore
Birth Place: Baltimore, Md.
Birth Date: 06 Jan 1897
Comment: NG 5/30/17 pvt, Co A 5 Md. Inf; Co A 115 Inf; Det QMC Base Hosp Camp McClellan Ala. 6/3/18; Det QMC Base Hosp Camp Meade Md. 2/13/19, Hon disch 2/27

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