Veterinary Surgeons


Airey Jas H.T                     1831 W. Lexington
Airey, Tobias S.                 1831 W. Lexington
Armiger, Jos R.                 727 Baker
Armstrong, Thos L.             Pepper's Hotel
Armstrong, Wm K              Peppers Hotel
Barron, Thomas F.             1048 & 1050 Argyle Ave
Boone, Edwin B.                12 N. Wolfe
Boyd, Jas                           500 N Calvert
Browne, B. Bernard           218 Madison Ave
Brunt, Jas                           Pennsylvania Ave near Biddle
Byrne, Chas B.                   Ft McHenry
Clement, Albert W.            213 W. Fayette
Cottam, Fredk S.               1321 Harford Ave
Darrer, John M.                 1734 Gough
Dentry, Henry H.                Pen Lucy Ave
Dixon Wm S                      2228  Oak
Dougherty, William            1035 Cathedral                1020 Decker Alley
Fanning, John                    13 S Central Ave
Faville, Geo C.                  138 Windermere Ave       210 St Paul
Foote, Jos                         1212 N. Central Ave.
Gardner, Cyrus M.           
Gilroy, Stephen                  437 N. Front
Gorter, Nathan R.              1 W. Biddle
Hassall, Albert                   1209 Mosher
Hoffman, Danl R.               109 S. Arlington Ave.
Hopkinson,Dr. Moses A.   5 W. Saratoga
Hutton, Wm H H               United States Marine Hosp
Keller, Danl E.                   814 George
Linthicum, Chas G.             623 Columbia Ave
Linthicum, Geo W.             544 S. Paca
Lyon, Lemuel Z                  2237 Pennsylvania Ave
Martenet, Wm H.               2140 E. Hoffman                 1441 N Gay
Moore, Wm H.                  147 N. Patterson-park Ave
Moseley, David C.             204 N. Pine
Myers, Thaddeus S.           1706 Orleans
Pirie, Wm                           635 W. Conway                 203 S. Paca
Plummer, Edward               534 East
Ryder, Jas F                       409 N Howard
Selling, Leo M.                   658 W. Fayette                  513 W German
Smith, Alan P.                     24 W. Franklin
Sowers, Calvin H.              1931 Christian
Spranklin, Chas E.              1301 Aisquith
Spranklin, William Thomas  1317,1319,& 1321 Harford Ave
Steck, Geo M.                    332 N Howard
Sternberg, Geo M.              Mt Vernon Hotel            US Army
Stewart, Chas                     113 S, Stricker
Stocksdale, Noah                Woodberry
Thorn, John                         135 Elliott
Verleger, Chas F.                 247 S. Bond
Vohden, Saml                      311 N. Fremont Ave
Voltz, Herman E.                 126 W Hamburg
Ward, Robert                       213 W. Fayette
Warfield Saml T.                  Hampden
Weidner, John A.                 717 Columbia Ave
Williams, Amos                    W. Woodberry
Williams, Louis L.                US Marine Hospital
Williams, Thos W.                1809 Druid Hill Ave 
Wood, Francis M.                35 E Fort Ave
Wray, Wm H.                       317 E. Lanvale               102 E. Centre

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