Baltimore Surnames

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Smith, Schmidt, Miller Gayle Triller
Beatty, Phelps, Flanagan, Williams, Clark Nancy Beatty
Frailey, Stitcher, Colegate Kathleen Frailey Puls
Cooksey, Mansfield,Limerick, Harriett Lois Marbert
Dietz, Joseph Sebastian
Dietz, John, Gilch, Mary
Sue Dietz

Woolfendens Marsdens, Jones, Bailey,Nicholson, Beutelspacher,
Juneks, Ferguson, Hold, Hulse, O'Brian, Smith, and Harrison

RC Woolfenden
Disney Sherry
Moale John Moale III
Dornbach, Turnpaugh, Turnbaugh,Turnpaw Kate
Boring:  John (d. 1690 Baltimore);  Thomas (b. bet. 1686);             
James (b. 16 Nov 1714;) and Absalom, (b. before 1754).
Ellie Swanger

Lisa Way


Karen Starkey
Watkins:  Sallie Alice Katrina Thayer
Iglehart/Igleheart, Hearn, Wilcoxen, Sindall, Fallon,  Schmidt

Helen Iglehart-Kelley


Joan Teves

Sludden, Edward and Hugh Kenny Sludden
Keidel, Christian John Keidel

Sadtler, Sauerwein, Gerben, Bauer, Heisler, Vogel (Vogle), Hughes, Stansbury, Cole, Brauer

Cindy Bailey
Bender, William Francis Debby Abad






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