November 20, 1784

My will is, that for the use and benefit I have had of my son-in-law John Maddox estate that he the said John Maddox have in his own right all that tract of land known as Hansons Survey and also part of land called Bargain I bought of John Brown Wilder, carpenter, James, Charity and her children and future increase form the date of my will, but if he does not choose to take the legacies in lieu of any claim he may have against me, my will is that the whole be sold by my executor, or such part as may be sufficient to satisfy him.

To my niece Ann Compton, daughter of my sister Wilder: A negro Pall

To nephew William S. Compton: Horse, furniture, etc.

To nephew Henry T. Compton: 100 pounds

I have made deeds of Gift to my three children in law, Sarah H. Maddox, Elizabeth H. Maddox, and John Maddox of negroes, etc. I now confirm said deeds.

To my dear Mother Rachel Compton: 2 negroes, and at her death the negro Lurana to the children of my sister Susanna Turner.

To my mother Rachel Compton: Cow and calf, etc.

To Elizabeth Hanson, daughter of Walter Hanson: One negro Rachel

Balance of my estate to be divided among my brothers and sisters, viz.: Zachariah, Matthew, John Alexander, Edmund Howard, Margaret, Elizabeth, and Susanna, share and share alike.

Executor: brother Edmond Howard Compton

Witnesses: Robert Crain  Stephen Compton
Amelia Powell
Elizabeth Thompson

3 November, 1784   Probated 20 November, 1784

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