Rank Name  
CPT Louis Schmidt  
1st Lt Robert S. Chenoweth discharged August 30, 1898
2nd Lt. Harry E. Haynes  
2nd Lt. Howard S. Bokee  
1SGT John A. Bendevald  
QM SGT Edward C. Johnson  
SGT Walter A. Raleigh discharged Aug. 28, 1898
SGT Charles W. Smith discharged Oct. 7, 1898
SGT Robert W. Bradley  
SGT William H. McCabe  
SGT George A. Frederick  
SGT John T. Fairbank  
CPL Charles B. Scholz discharged for disability Feb. 7, 1899
CPL James J. Dougherty  
CPL William H. Moffett  
CPL Thomas B. Wood  
CPL George H. Robinson  
CPL Harry G. Bunting  
CPL Harry L. Leighton  
CPL John J. Owens  
CPL Charles P. Dougherty  
CPL Frederick F. Dushane  
CPL William O. Hopson  
CPL Robert J. Lyman  
  Henry Rohrbach Artificer
  George E. Horist Wagoner
  Clarence E. Dougherty Musician
  Albert Sorrell Musician
  Jacob Barman Musician
  Albright, J. Andrew  
  Amos, James J.  
  Andrews, William B.  
  Bader, Charles A.  
  Baum, Harry  
  Bentz, John D.  
  Bosley, William G. dishonorably discharged Jan 29. 1899
  Boyd, Ennis  
  Burgess, Harry  
  Black, William J.  
  Brooks, Charles H.  
  Burkhead, W.B.  
  Buttner, George  
  Butz, Frederick J.  
  Cassell, William H.  
  Carey, Evan R.  
  Clay, Fred c.  
  Crawford, Grafton C.  
  Culbertson, Samuel  
  Davidson, Harvey  
  Driver, Cyrus A. deserted Oct. 18, 1898
  DeDubber, Charles H. deserted Oct. 18, 1898
  Freburger, Geroge A.  
  Fuller, Harry I.  
  Glazer, Herman  
  Gregorius, William F.  
  Greenhood, Louis  
  Guerke, Charles F.  
  Gwilliam, John W.  
  Gardner, John R. discharged Oct. 13, 1898
  Hagerty, Francis P.  
  Hamberg, James E.  
  Hartman, Casper C. deserted Nov. 24, 1898
  Hedeman, Walter R.  
  Helms, Frank V.  
  Hendricks, F.M.  
  Hilgerman, Henry  
  Hopkins, William O.  
  Hughes, Patrick F.  
  Hull, John S.  
  Jacob, John R.  
  Jones, Louis C.  
  Jones, Walter C. died Aug 18, 1898
  Kaiser, Harry  
  Kinkaid, George F.  
  Kline, Harry  
  Kline, John  
  Krager, Joseph  
  Koppelman, Henry A. died Nov. 19, 1898
  Low, Royden T.  
  Malone, Edward deserted Jan. 28, 1899
  Miller, Abraham  
  Miller, William  
  Minor, Frank W.  
  Mittnacht, Benjamin A.  
  Montgomery, Louis F.  
  McMahon. Thos. deserted Dec. 22, 1898
  Noakes, Harvey C.  
  Patterson, Charles  
  Rayner, Edward  
  Rohm, Fred A.  
  Rout, Raymond  
  Sauerwald, William T.  
  Shober, Vance S.  deserted Jan. 28, 1899
  Sneideman, Morris discharged without honor Aug 28, 1898
  Snyder, Wesley, P.  
  Stromer, Max  
  Stiffler, Hayes  
  Talbott, William F.  
  Thompson, James  
  Tracey, Ernest C. deserted Nov. 24, 1898
  Upton, John A.  
  Uhlenberg, William E.  
  Vance, Edward  
  Voigt, Henry  
  Whalen, William dishonorably discharged Feb. 25,1899
  Walker, Charles C.  
  Wilson, Frank  
  Wohner, George  
  Zerrlaut, Joseph  

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