Rank Name Misc. Information
Cpt.  Andrew W. feuss  
1st Lt. Charles Hahn discharged Aug. 3, 1898
1st Lt. H. Clay M. Supplee  
1st Lt. Wade H. Wheeley  
QM SGT Lionel E. Bernstein  
SGT Samuel H. Lane  
SGT Frank J. Totzauer  
SGT George S. Meyer  
SGT Thomas A. Kelly  
CPL Henry E. Duckstein discharged Nov. 30, 1898
CPL George H. Hummel discharged Dec. 4, 1898
CPL Joseph J. Struck  
CPL Charles M. Albert deserted Sept. 14, 1898
CPL John W. Hessler  
CPL Charles E. Beachamp  
CPL James E. Donohue  
CPL John A. Shuster  
CPL John B. Frey  
CPL Otto e. Smith  
CPL August E. Lenz  
CPL Elbert Robosson  
CPL Charles L. Loomis  
CPL Jeremiah O'Donavan  
CPL Joseph Collier  
CPL David T. Small  
  George Youse Artificer
  James R. Hinkle Wagoner
  Norris D. Sellman Musician
  Joseph C. Steel Musician
  Michael Drisman Musician
  Airey, Elias W.  
  Amos, William G.  
  Anderson, Adam  
  Anderson, John  
  Barker, Benjamin A.  
  Beale, George F.  
  Black, Geroge F.  
  Blume, George discharged for disability Feb. 18, 1898
  Buehner, Hugo G.  
  Callender, Geroge A.  
  Check, Joseph  
  Clark, Walter C.  
  Coneannon, James  
  Connolley, Thomas  
  Cooksie, charles W.  
  Cromer, John H.  
  Cunningham, Edward T.  
  Dahl, William L., Jr.  
  Dailey, Louis E.  
  Donelson, Alexander  
  Dreyer, deserted Sept. 23, 1898
  Duvall, William w.  
  Eder, Francis L. dishonorably discharged Feb. 23, 1899
  Eslinger, george  
  Gearhart, John K.  
  Girvin, Robert L.  
  Gunzelman, John  
  Hancock, William A.  
  Hartman, Edward  
  Haravey, Warner H.  
  Hay, Alexander G.  
  Heiger, Charles H.  
  Hellmeyer, Frederick C.  
  Henderson, Ernest H. deserted Sept. 25, 1898
  Hudson, William E.  
  Hyland, George T.  
  Jett, Sugustus  
  Jones, Joseph A., Jr.  
  Kein, Joseph deserted Nov. 11, 1898
  Kilbourne, Alfred E.  
  Kirchheimer, Soloman J.  
  Kittron, Edward H.  
  Knouff, William H.  
  Lavy, George F.  
  Law, Thomas  
  Lee, William G.  
  Legg, James E.  
  Little, John T.  
  Litz, George H.  
  Long, Alfred A.  
  Ludner, Morris  
  Lumberson, Edward M.  
  Merriken, Charles c.  
  Moore, Frank R.B.  
  Mulford, Enoch D.  
  Muller, John G.  
  Pease, George H.  
  Peacock, Joseph dishonorably discharged Dec. 12, 1898
  Pilker, Thomas A.  
  Pruitt, William B.  
  Rieman, John T.  
  Rinehardt, Michael  
  Robb, Thomas E.  
  Rupp, Henry  
  Shook, Harry H.  
  Shoeman, Benj.  discharged for disability Feb. 6, 1899
  Strehlein, John  
  Stump, Charles H.  
  Tierney, William  
  Tipton, Joshua W.  
  Wheatley, Thomas B.  
  Wilson, James F.  
  Wooden, George c.  
  Woolsey, William A.  
  Wyant, William N.  
  Whytney, John  deserted Sept. 25, 1898

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