Rank Name Muster in Date Position Additional
Major Joseph B. Phipps June 29, 1898    
Captain Seth S. Ullrich June 29, 1898 Assistant Surgeon Mustered out Oct. 10, 1898
1st Lt Benjamin R. Elliott May 1898  Regimental Quatermaster  
1st Lt J. Frank Ryley June 29, 1898 Battalion Adjutant  
Cpl Edwin W. Dukehart June 29, 1898 Reg Sgt Maj, Dec. 13, 1898  
Sgt Walter J. Haywood June 29, 1898 Reg Quartmaster Sgt July 7 Died August 19, 1898
Sgt Samuel j. Tignor June 29, 1898 Reg Quartmaster Sgt Sep. 3  
Sgt-Maj William R. Sumwalt June 29, 1898 3rd. Battalion Discharged Nov. 4, 1898
  Harry Purdum June 29, 1898 Hospital Steward  
Pvt. William F. Lewis June 29, 1898 Musician Discharged Jan 7th 1899
  Jacob H. Hurtung   Musician Co. G  
Co. H. Mustered In June 29, 1898        
Cpt.  George F. Haupt      
1st Lt Samuel J. Blight      
2nd Lt. Charles L. Lyon      
1SG Chalres W. Binnix      
Qt Ms Sgt Thomas F. Hand      
Sgt Harry E. Firsch      
Sgt Herman C. Kassakatis      
Sgt George D. Rine      
Sgt Ernest Owens      
Cpl Thomas C. Murry      
Cpl William A. renehan      
Cpl Samuel F. Towson      
Cpl William T. O'Mera      
Cpl Carroll T. Shanahan      
Cpl Clarence E. Murrill      
Cpl William Schaefer      
Cpl Edgar S. Willis      
Cpl Howard L. Rayner      
Cpl William Hofnagle      
Cpl Henry C. vansant      
Cpl Daniel Crimmins      
Cpl Nathan Winslow     Discharged Oct. 21, 1898
  Albert Thompson   Artificer  
  Marcellus Hayes   Wagoner Discharged July 8, 1898
  Bernard A. Gilchrist   Musician  
  Charles E. Saunders   Musician  
Pvt. Anderson, Lee H.      
  Andrews, Bruce      
  Barnes, William      
  Barnett, Elizha      
  Berber, Emil      
  Beauchamp, Charles      
  Blankner, Edward B.      
  Bobee, John J.      
  Bova, Antony      
  Butler, Howard      
  Byrnes, Michael J.      
  Campbell, Charles M.  discharged August 26, 1898   Disability
  Daley, Benjamin F.      
  Daley, George E.      
  Daniell, James F.      
  Dempster, William W.      
  Dellenger, Lewis L.      
  Disharoon, Thomas J.      
  Dix, Park C.      
  Doering, Louis      
  Dehn, Charles T. discharged Aug. 22, 1898    
  Dulaney, Richard discharged Sept 15, 1898    
  Elbert, John G.      
  Feig, charles L.      
  Fairall, Edward      
  Fisher, Howard      
  Fox, Edward B.      
  Flaherty, Malcom died Jan 8, 1899    
  Gahan, John J.      
  Gray, Clarence E.      
  Greenwell, Charles      
  Hahn, George      
  Hamburg, Henry C.      
  Heinlein, George      
  Heinz, Frederick F.      
  Hewitt, John W.      
  Hoffman, Lewis M.      
  Hoffman, Frank discharged Jan 21, 1899    
  Holmes, George W. dis. discharg Feb. 2, 1899    
  Hollyday, Alexander C. died Dec. 22, 1898    
  Hosmer, Horace O.      
  Jeffres, Frank J. dis. discharg Feb. 24, 1899    
  Kaufman, John H.  transferred to band Jan. 21, 1898    
  Keenan, Owen      
  Kilmer, Frank L. discharged Dec. 14, 1898    
  Larkin, John      
  Leonard, William H.      
  McDermott, Edward      
  McNaney, Albert      
  May, Paul transferred to band Oct. 21, 1898    
  Matthews, Wm. transferred to band Oct. 21, 1898    
  Monthley, Edward      
  Murphey, Augustus A.      
  O'Kelly, John F.      
  Peacock, James H.      
  Penn, Thomas      
  Phelan, Nicholas      
  Pontier, Harrry G.      
  Posey, Edward W.      
  Pasco, Edward discharged Aug. 28, 1898    
  Saffell, Charles L.      
  Schaaf, Henry      
  Schoen, Abraham      
  Sellman, John F.      
  Solen, Joseph      
  Staub, Frank      
  Stanisloff, Charles H.      
  Stephens, William      
  Stoll, George      
  Smith, Hynson D.      
  Vogelman, Louis      
  Vapalecky, Gieton      
  Walker, George H.      
  Walter, Edward S. discharged Aug. 18, 1898    
  Wicklein, John N. discharged Oct. 31, 1898    
  Wilson, William B. died Sept 6, 1898    
  Wild, Arthur deserted Nov. 19, 1898    
  Wilson, Rufus H.      
  Weibe, Otto      
  Weedon, John L.      
  Wigley, Walter      
  Willoughby, Howard H.      

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