Sons Of Liberty

The Sons of Liberty were a secret patriotic society organized in the American Colonies in 1765 to oppose the Stamp Act.  After the Stamp act was repealed in 1766, the society, which was made up of many local chapters, formed Committees of Correspondence to foster resistance to oppressive British economic and political actions.  The Sons of Liberty also helped enforce the policy of nonimportation, when the American merchants refused to import goods carried in British ships, and in 1774 it took part in assembling the Continental Congress.  Leaders of the Sons of Liberty included Samuel Adams and Paul Revere.
Many of the members of the Sons of Liberty fought in the Revolutionary War.  The following are some of the members from Baltimore.
Robey Adair
William Aisquith
Michael Allen
William Baker
Daniel Bowley
Archibald Buchanan
James Calhoun
William Clemn
Hercules Courtney
James Cox
John Dever
George Duvall
Benjamin Griffith
Isaac Grist
Caleb Hall
Samuel Hollingsworth
Gerard Hopkins
Melchior Keener
George Lindenberger
George Leverly
Aaron Levington
William Lux
William Lyon
John McLane
Richard Moale
George Patton
David Rusk
David Shields
William Spear
James Sterrett
John Sterrett
Erasmus Uhler
Cyprian wells
George Wells
William Willson
Wlisha Winters

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