Name Age Occupation From Misc
William Marshall 50 Mariner,Wife & 10 Children London
Rev Dan Betvel 40 Clergyman Essex
Rachael his Wife 30 & three Children Essex
Elizabeth Shenirn 50 Mother to Rachl Betvel Essex
Joseph Hubbart 40 Merchant London
Richd Powell 21 Carpenter London Indentured Servant
Willm Westley 22 Carpenter Surry Indentured Servant
John Knight 26 Blacksmith Oxfordshire Indentured Servant
Geo Gingley 28 Biscuit Baker Surry Indentured Servant
Thos McCarty 22 Shoemaster Southwark Indentured Servant
James Bailey 31 Bricklayer Southwark Indentured Servant
William Vaughn 32 Woolcomber Barnstable Indentured Servant
James Southward 24 Ship Carpenter Rotherhithe Indentured Servant
Simon Nicholson 41 Husbandman Middlesex Indentured Servant
Thos Clark 40 Husbandman Newington Surry Indentured Servant
Peter Amsley 36 Husbandman Westminster Indentured Servant
John Reed 32 Schoolmaster Middlesex Indentured Servant


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