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Ship arrivals, Baltimore Maryland, April 16,1883 Bremen Germany to Baltimore Maryland. Stmr. STRASSBURG (Ger.) Heinke,

Leopold Krahn, 52 & family, Germany to Baltimore to Wisconsin



Baltimore Ship Arrivals April 15, 1883,Stmr.STRASSBURG ( Ger.) Heincke, from Bremen March 28, at 6:30 PM.; passengers and mdse.. Passed the Lizard 30th at 10 A.M.; bad westerly storms and rough sea to latuide ? N; longitude 68 W; after that had N, and N.E. winds;fresh, passed Cape Henry April 14, at 8 P.M. having been 17 days and 7 hours at sea; April 8, latitude 42.24 longitude 48.33, fell in with Norw. brig Athalis Lord ,wrecked ; the crew were taken on board the Strassburg and brought to Baltimore; the vessal was set on fire at 1 A.M. that date. Capt Wohe , the mate, steward and one of the seamen were dangerously wounded;  April 12, latitude 40.08, longitude 63.3 signaled British bark T.N.F.H. bound west.

submitted by Richard Marshall, Glen Burnie, Md

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