The Serpent sailed from Londonderry on May 5, 1804 bringing
Irish emigrants to Baltimore.

Ball, John Higham 12 Labourer
Ball, John Higham 36 Farmer
Ball, Prudence Higham 30 Spinster
Ball, Edward Higham 14 Labourer
Brandon, Isabella Crumlin 10 Spinster
Brandon, William Crumlin 21 Labourer
Brandon, Thomas  (son of Mary) Crumlin 04 -
Brandon, Mary Crumlin 18 Spinster
Brandon, Mary Crumlin 40 Spinster
Brandon, John Crumlin 14 Labourer
Brandon, James Crumlin 16 Farmer
Brandon, Henry Crumlin 20 Labourer
Brandon, Gerald Crumlin 18 Labourer
Brandon, Edward Crumlin 15 Labourer
Brandon, Christopher Crumlin 8 -
Brandon, Jane (Daughter of Mary) Crumlin 6 -
Carter, Jame Cosquin 30 Spinster
Carter, John Cosquin 35 Farmer
Cochran, Henry Fermanagh 3 -
Cochran, Charles Fermanagh 24 Farmer
Chchran, Elizh Fermanagh 24 Spinster
Davis, Margt Drungannon 25 Spinster
Davis, James Drungannon 26 Farmer
Dogerty, John Clonmany 21 Farmer
Doherty, George Clonmany 21 Farmer
Irvin, John Dunhing 21 Farmer
Irvin, Charlotte Dunhing 45 Spinster
Johnston, John Ardshaw 22 Farmer
Johnston, Stephen Adderny 21 Labourer
McCausland, Oliver Omagh 22 Farmer
McColley, James Linamore 19 Labourer
McGee, Andrew Killygordon 21 Farmer
Scott, Ann Cosquin 69 Spinster
Scott, Francis Cosquin 22 Spnster
Scott, Rebecca Cosquin 30 Spinster
Scott, Samuel Cosquin 60 Farmer
Scott, Samuel Cosquin 28 Farmer
Scott, Ann Cosquin 20 Spinster

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