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The ship "Cassander" left Bremen and arrived in Baltimore on August 25, 1834.

AMBUSTER, Maria, aged 33

BARRIER, Elizabeth, aged 25

BETKIE, G., aged 18

BLOOME, Dotia, aged 9

BLOOME, Louisa, aged 6

BLUME, Elizabeth, aged 39

BRANT, Wm., aged 19, saddler

CANAIR, Catharin, aged 5

CANAIR, Catharina, aged 11

CANAIR, Ferdinand, aged 2

CANAIR, Johanas, aged 7

CANAVELSHUE, Cath., aged 35

COOK, Elizabeth, aged 33

COOK, F., aged 34, carpenter

COOK, H., aged 28, miller

COOK, J., aged 25, shoemaker

COOK, Johanas, aged 2

COOK, Maria Elizabeth, aged 7, died on voyage

COOK, Wm., aged 4

DWINGER, Catharine, aged 30

DWINGER, H., aged 30, tailor

DWINGER, Henry, aged 6

DWINGER, Herman, aged 30m (30 months?)

ERING, J.H., aged 44, baker

FISHER, G.H., aged 22

FOCKER, Frederick, aged 28, miller

FOCKER, Maria, aged 26

HOSCHUTT, W., aged 26, shoemaker

KANAVELSHUE, H., aged 38, farmer

MILLER, Andrew, aged 67, farmer

MILLER, Christina, aged 18m (18 months?)

MILLER, Conard, aged 16

MILLER, Elizabeth, aged 4

MILLER, Elizabeth, aged 44

MILLER, Elizabeth, aged 25

MILLER, Henry, aged 8

MILLER, J., aged 50, farmer

MILLER, Johanas, aged 24

MILLER, Johanas, aged 25

MILLER, Margt, aged 51

STEELING, G., aged 28, blacksmith

STEER, Augst., aged 10

STEER, C., aged 16

STEER, Carht., aged 42

STEER, G. [or P?], aged 13

STEER, Godfrey, aged 2

STEER, H., aged 45, butcher

STEER, Louisa, aged 8

STEER, Margt., aged 4

STEERMAN, And., aged 22, tailor

WEBBER, Cath., aged 3

WEBBER, H., aged 8

WEBER, Elizabeth, aged 36

YOUK, Catharina, aged 18

YOUK, Elizabeth, aged 16

YOUK, Henrietta, aged 4

YOUK, Henry, aged 13

YOUK, Jno., aged 53, farmer

YOUK, Maria, aged 33


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