The 15th of April 1767 some of the German people living in Baltimore sent a
petition to the Governor of Maryland complaining that they were being charged high
fees for conducting business with any of the Justices of Baltimore County for no
reason other than a language barrier.
These Justices were:  William Aisquith, Nicholas Ruxton Gay, Samuel Owings,
Richard Richards and Benjamin Rogers.
Most of the signers of this petition were probably living in Baltimore as the English signers
of a petition in support of the Germany Citizens were living in Baltimore Town.

Christopher Neils
Daniel Barnett
Mathias Bersheb
Adam Brandt
William Caaws
Michael Engle
Balthazar Formeab
Jacob Fowl
Andrew Garing
Philip Grace
Abraham Gribolet
William Hackle
Virtus Hartway
Christopher Henneberger
Philip Heitshuh
Anthony Hinckle
William Hoffman
Henry Hossteter
Melchor Keener
Jacob Keeport
Peter Kinner
Moses League
George Loble
William Lobley
Simon Mathery
Samuel Messersmith
Frederick Meyer
Christopher Nels
John Pauer
Jacob Rock
John Schligh
George Shack
Adam Shak
Michael Shriak
John Shrim
Conrad Smith
John Srink
Peter Streihback
Andrew Stigar
Christiam Waskey
Morice Werster
John Lewis Wittemberger
Leonard Young

May 16, 1767 several citizens of Baltimore Town presented a petition in support
of the German citizens who had turned in a petition complaining about the
Justices who were unfair to them.  The citizens who signed the petiton claimed to have
knowledge of some of these occurrences but that they believed that Justice William Aisquith was innocent of the charges.


Robert Adair
Mark Alexander
Robert Alexander
George Aston
Samuel Bailey
James Boyd
John Buchan
Andrew Buchanan
Const. Bull
Joseph Burgess
John Cannon
D. Chamier
Thomas Chase
James Christie, Jr.
Robert Christie, Jr.
Hercules Courtenay
James Cox
Inones Dorling
Nathan Griffith
William Goodwin
Thomas Harrison
David Humphrey
Henry James
Nicholas Jones
James Kelley
John Lees
Alexander Leith
William Lock
Robert Manley
Aaron Mattison
James Mayes
John Merryman, Jr.
David McClellan
John McLure
Alexander McMechan
John Moale
R. Moale
John Moore
William Moore, Jr.
Brian Philpot
Jonathan Plowman
Charles Ridgely, Jr.
John Ridgely
Robert Robison
Charles Rogers
James Smith
William Smith
William Spear
Alexander Stenhouse
Henry Stevenson
John Stevenson
Alexander Steuart
Francis Thomas
George Williams
John Wilkinson
William Young, Jr.

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