Baltimore Orphanages


Christ Church                                            Second & Guilford Avenue
Girls Orphanage of St Paul's Parrish                   10 E. Franklin
St John's Orphanage fo rBoys                           Fair Oak Avenue
Benedictine Covent                                     Mount & Lombard
Convent Carmelite                                      Biddle & Caroline
Convent De. Notre Dame                                 Aisquith near Eager
Convent of Bon Secours                                 2000 w Baltimore
Convent of OUr Lady  and St. Francis                   Md Avenue & Fourth
Convent of OUr Lady of  the Angel                      Chesapeak Avenue & Tenth
Convent of St. Lioba                                   103 S. Mont
Convent of Sisters of Mercy                            13 S. Poppleton
Convent of Sisters of Norte Dame                  St. Alphonsus Hall  Saratoga near Park Avenue
Convent of the Good Shepherd                           Mount & Hollins
Convent of the Notre Dame                              Aisquith near Eager
Convent of the Sacred Heart                            Aliceanna & First
Convent of the Visitation                              Park Avenue & Centre
St. Alphonsus Church and Convent                       Saratoga & Park Avenue
St. Gregory Convent                                    1512 N. Gilmor
St. Liobas Convent                                     103 S. Mount
St. Michael's Church, Convent and Schools              Lombard & Wolfe

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