Letters to Mrs. Fisher
Pertaining to the death of her son Charles Fisher

War Department
Office of the General Superintendent U.S. Army Transport Service
Hoboken, N.J., January 30, 1919

From:     Chief, Effects Bureau, Port of Embarkation, Hoboken, N.J.
To:         Mrs. Eliza Fisher, 2117 E. Chase St., Baltimore, Md.
Subject:  Effects of Private Charles W. Fisher, Co. G, 313th Inf.

  My dear Mrs. Fisher:

  Your letter of January 1st, addressed to the War Department, was referred to this office for attention.  We regret to inform you that the effects of your son, the late Charles W. Fisher, have not been received.

  Our deepest feeling goes out to you at this time of your great sorrow.  Please be assured that everything possible will be done to locate the belongings of your son, which we know to mean everything.  We are to-day communicating with the authorities in France, and just s soon as the effects are received you will be notified.

  Sincerely yours,
Major, Q. M. Corps.
By:  A. L. JONAS
1st Lieut., Q. M. Corps.

May 10, 1919

  My Dear Mrs. Fisher

  I write you in answer to my sisterís letter in witch (isc) you wanted to know how long your son lived after he was hit.  Well I will tell you as much as I can remember from what was told to me.  The company went into a woods near a road leading to Etray and had only gone about three hundred yards when they stoped (sic) for the night.  And Charles was with Jasper Williams and Sergt Smith and they were in a little gullie (sic) eating when a shell struck a branch of a tree and the branch struck Charlie in the back and the two men gave him first aid and stayed with him until he died.  Before he died he said that his feet were cold so they took of his shoes and rubed (sic) his feet.  And he told them that he was going to die and he died in Jasper Williamís arms.  He only lived about four or five hours after he was hit.  This is all that I know about it but if you want to write to Jasper Williams his address is Corp. Jasper Williams, Company G, 313 Infantry, A.E.F., A.P.O. 771 and maybe he can tell you more.  Hoping you will except (sic) my sympathy.  I remain yours truly.

  Robert F. Buxenstein
U.S. General #19   Ward I.4
Otern, N.C.



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