Kane 1890

Alfred Kane laborer 204w. Hill
Annie E. Kane widow of J.W.  508 s Maderia (alley)
Asbury Kane laborer 2345 McElderry
Bartholomew Kane saloon 824 Woodward
Bartley Kane laborer 805 s Burke
Bridget Kane widow Michl 401 Colvin
Bridget M. Kane widow Patyk 411 n Spring
Chas M. Kane laborer 316 s Exeter
Cornelius J. Kane police 512 n Schroeder
Danl Kane fireman 319 e Lombard
Danl Kane laborer 909 Ensor
Danl M. Kane upholsterer 145 w Cross
Denis Kane laborer 314 one and a Half
Denis Kane salesman 1443 n Bond
Edwd C. Kane student  St. Mary's Seminary
Edward M. Kane foreman 2108 Cambridge
Elias Kane laborer 509 n Duncan (alley)
Frank Kane laborer 145 w Cross
Frank J. Kane fireman 145 w Cross
Geo Kane driver 1023 Highland avenue
Geo Kane laborer 1524 Eastern avenue
Geo Kane laborer 1003 Peach (alley)
Geo Kane polisher 917 Hillen
Geo W. Kane engineer 218 w Lee
Henry Kane laborer 509 n Duncan (alley)
Henry Kane laborer 801 Peirce
Henry Kane waiter 109 e Centro
Hugh M. Kane tinner 1318 s Sharp
Jas Kane laborer 917 Hillen
Jas Kane laborer 609 Pierce
Jas Kane  machinist 24 e Heath
Jas Kane porter 530 n Castle
Jas Kane mason 1011 w Lombard
Jas Kane tinner 18 n Poppleton
Jas Kane Jr mason 1011 w Lombard
Jas C Kane teacher 103 n Fulton ave
Jas E. Kane laborer 1009 Peach alley
Jas J. Kane  laborer 315 s Madeira (alley)
Jas P. Kane painter 608 s Green
Jas P. Kane driver 2026 Pleasant (alley)
Jas W. Kane hardware (1059 Hillen) 1443 n. Bond
John Kane bricklayer 104 e Hughes
 John Kane driver  1313 s Sharp
John Kane engineer 1337  Hanower
John Kane laborer 225 n Burke
John Kane laborer 24 e Church
John Kane laborer 319 s Madeira (alley)
John Kane laborer 1114 Peach (alley)
John Kane laborer 1132 Watson
John Kane painter 20 Albemarle
John Kane saloon 826s Port
John Kane mason 1011 w Lombard
John C. Kane clerk 11 w Mulberry
John E. Kane laborer 319 e Lombard
John J. Kane horse shoer (634 w German) 750 w German
John J. Kane plaster 1504 Ramsay
John J. Kane saloon 2026 Pleasant (alley)
John L. Kane lithographer 11 w Mulberry
John T. Kane driver 1078 Granby
John W. Kane finisher 1158 Washington avenue
John W. Kane salesman 1711 Lancaster
Jos Kane  driver 303 Stevens (alley)
Jos Kane driver 133 w West
Jos P. Kane molder 343 s Chester
Jos T. Kane engineer 1515 William
Mrs Kate Kane confect 104 e Hughes
Lawrence Kane laborer 104 e Hughes
Lloyd Kane laborer 324 w Hamburg
Margt Kane dressmkr 1011 w Lombard
Martin Kane laborer 1523 e Clement
Martin Kane mariner 2221 Bank
Martin Kane mariner 30 e Hill
Martin J. Kane barkeeper 2026 Pleasant (alley)
Mary Kane saloon 824 Wood
Mrs Mary Kane 928 Hollins
Mary Kane widow John 1022 Eastern avenue
Mary Kane widow John 1416 Hanover
Mary Kane widow Patk 2026 Pleasant (alley)
Mary A. Kane decorator 1523 e Clement
Mary a Kane widow Wm 1434 Johnson
Matthew Kane laborer 1313 s Sharp
Matthew Kane police 151 n Frong
Michl Kane laborer 23 e Hughes
Michl Kane laborer 1313 s Sharp
Michl Kane laborer 912 Stiles
Michl Kane laborer 10 e York
Michl Kane  mariner 2221 Bank
Michl Kane mariner 1129 Hanover
Michl J. Kane engineer 1426 Hanover
Michl J. Kane painter 930 Franklin road
Michl J. Kane clerk 343 s Chester
Patk Kane driver 10 e York
Richd Kane laborer 329 w Henrietta
Robt Kane huckster 1009 Abey (alley)
Robt Kane laborer 1416 Hanover
Robt J. Kane Rankin & Kane (407 n High)
Stephen H Kane laborer 1135 Race
Thos Kane driver 220 n Castle
Thos Kane fisherman 24 e Heath
Thos Kane  laborer 316 s Exeter
Thgos Kane mariner 320 s Duncan (alley)
THos Kane  printer 1042 w Lombard
Thos Kane showcasemkr 1411 Battery avenue
Thos B. Kane barkeeper 2026 Pleasant (alley)
Thos H. Kane canmkr 1434 Johnson
Thos J Kane engineer 1515 William
Thos J. Kane huckster 1158 Washington avenue
Thos J. Kane laborewr 220 n Castle
Thos J. Kane molder 411 n Spring
Thos P. Kane laborer 2025 Pleasant (alley)
Thos S. Kane glassblower 24 e Heath
Wm Kane bricklayer 1011 W. Lombard
Wm Kane laborer 19 e Hughes
Wm Kane laborer 710 Rose e
Wm E. Kane canmkr 1434 Johnson
Wm H. Kane barkeeper 1206 Pennsylvania av
Wm J. Kane laboarer 343 w. Second n
Wm J. Kane student 30 e Hill

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