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April 3, 1821
 William John Wilson Compton mentioned

Monday April 9, 1821
 ...the fence between us and Mr. Wm. J. Compton

13 August 1821
 ...Compton and myself hauling wheat

20 September 1822
 Dined at Mr. (Mrs.?) Compton’s

March 9, 1823
 Went to church.  Dined at Mr. Compton’s.

Sunday 9 November 1823
 Started for Baltimore in the evening.  W. Compton and myself.  Got to Baltimore Monday evening - Monday 10th November 1823

7 January 1824
 Invitation to dine at D.H. Battee’s tomorrow

Wednesday 10 March 1824
 Fencing along the woods between Mrs. Compton’s and us

Friday 19 March 1824
 Finished the fence between Mr. Compton and us along the woods

Tuesday 10 August 1824
 Dined at Town Point on fish, Morton’s family ....Compton and sister

Monday 27 September 1824
 Set up last night with the corpse of D. Pindell senr. - W. Compton and Price

Wednesday 19 April 1826
 Took down the fence along the woods between Mr. Compton and myself

Friday 26 December 1828
 Company dine here - W. Compton family

Thursday 19 November 1829
 Dined at Mr. Compton’s

Thursday 3 September 1833
 (On or?) about this evening Wm. Hodges lost his little boy at Mr. Compton’s

Thursday 26 December 1833
 ...and Miss E. Compton dined here

Wednesday 29 January 1834
 I sent to Brother Carr’s to see if Jack had got home sawing and cutting wood

Saturday 10 March 1836
 Clearing away for fence between W. Compton and myself

Thursday 29 March 1836
 (Commences the fence between W. Compton and myself the dividing line between the land I sold him at _______________(illegible)

Friday 30 March 1836

 Thursday 23 June 1836
 Wm. and Harry helping W. Compton to plant

Whitsunday May 14, 1837
 Came along with Father Carr this evening

June 4, 1837
 Went to Sam Carr’s and...

Thursday 8 March 1838
 Miss E. Compton died suddenly at W. McGillis

Saturday 10 March 1838
 Miss E.C. Compton buried

Monday 7 February 1838
 Mrs. Compton dined here

Sunday 16 June 1838
 Father Carr led clap

Monday 28 August 1843
 This morning at Mr. Jacob’s W.J.W. Compton departed this life.  He has been a great sufferer.

Thursday 21 September 1843
 Mrs. Susannah Carr departed this life last night.  She was a believer in Christ.  A good woman.  I trust her spirit is at rest.

Friday 19 July 1844
 This week threshing at Mrs. Compton’s

Tuesday April 10 1855
 Last day of the Holy Days.  Rainy in part.  Rode to Mrs. Compton’s in the morning, then at home.  Mrs. C.’s situation is very critical.  She is very ill.  Nay God spare her life if consistent with her good and His will but above all save her soul.

Friday 13 April 1855
 Mrs. Compton is very low.  I pray God to be near and bless her

Monday 21 May 1855
 This morning about one or two o’clock, our most highly esteemed neighbor and friend, departed this life.  She was a most estimable woman.  Her end was very peaceful and I trust her family is her great gain.  Her sufferings were protracted and very great, having been sick for 7 or 8 weeks.

Tuesday 22 May 1855
 This evening 3 o’clock the remains of our friend Mrs. Caroline Compton (whose death is mentioned above) were carried to the silent grave

Monday 18 June 1855
 Helped Mr. Wilson plant and also Mr. Vernon Compton

Tuesday 19 June 1855
 Helped Vernon

Thursday 26 July 1855
 We have sold this year Vernon Compton 13  4.87

Saturday 23 August 1856
 Returning Vernon’s work in threshing for us.  Our machine and hands over there.

Monday 25 August 1856
 At Vernon Compton’s.  Finished this evening

Sunday 1 August 1858
 Sam Carr’s son buried at Mt. Zion

Wednesday 17 November 1858
 1/2 past ten o’clock, Alvan Wilson was married by Rev’d  Dillon to Emma Compton at Owensville Church

Sunday 26 June 1859
 Clap at Mr. Zion in the morning and in the evening Brother Samuel Carr buried by Rev’d Dr. Green.  Think he died on yesterday morning.

Monday 19 December 1859
 I at Dr. Carr’s

Thursday 9 April 1860
 Vernon cut...wheat
Sunday 26 August 1860
 Threshing at Mr. Compton’s

Thursday 30 August 1860
 Finished Vernon’s wheat

Saturday 1 September 1860
 At Compton’s threshing oats

John Sellman was a neighbor of Edward Vernon Compton and also knew Samuel Carr whose daughter married Edward Vernon Compton

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