April 2, 1767 some of the citizens of Baltimore Town gave the following message to
His Excellency Horatio Sharpe.


"We the Inhabitants of Baltimore Town, ever desirous of showing our loyalty to the best of Kings; beg leave to address your Excellency on an affair which we deem important and if not attended to in time may interrupt the future welfare of many of his Majesty's faithful Subjects.  About eight Months past a number of French Neutrals from this place and other parts embarked as we always understood on a voyage to Pensacola, but since learnt they have landed at New Orleans and are become Subjects of the Frence King; another body of these people near 300 in number are now preparing to embark from hence in order to go to the same place.  When we consider how well these people are acquainted with the navigation of our bay, that of Delaware and of Fundy that many have piloted vessels into the Harbor of Boston and New York.  We have to much reason to apprehend that in case of future rupture with France or Spain they must do inconceivable prejudice to the commerce of this Continent.  When we reflect on the inveterate hatred they retain against this Nation on account of their having been supplanted from their lands in Acadia, we thin it highly impolitic (not to say imprudent) to suffer them to settle among our avowed enemies on the back of a new Colony where they may possibly format a misunderstanding between us and the Indians to the great detriment of his Majesty's faithful Subjects.  With the strictest truth we can assure your Excellency that no public animosity or private pique to these people have induced us to address your Excellency will not permit them to depart for New Orleans or any other French settlement, notwithstanding other governments have permitted it.  Permit us Sir this occasion to express our sincere regard for you and our hearty wishes for your health and prosperity and that your Excellency may long continue to preside over Us."

Thomas Chase                                                                Alexander Lawson
John Ridgely                                                                   Alexander Steuart
Ruxton Gay                                                                    Thos. Worthington
Andrew Buchanan                                                          John McLure
William Lux                                                                    David McLure
Derby Lux                                                                     Charles Ridgely, Jr.
John Smith                                                                     Benjamin Griffith
Samuel Brown                                                               John Hart
Wiliam Aisquith                                                             Melchor Keener
John Moale                                                                   John Hart
William Spear                                                               Valentine Lerrick
James Sterrett                                                               William Moore, Jr.
Daniel Chamier                                                             William Moore, Sr.
Benjamin Rogers

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