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Daniel C. Gilman
December 30, 1874


                                         Basil L. Gildersleeve,                                      Henry A. Rowland
                                          Greek, 1876                                                   Physics, 1876

                                         J.J. Sylvester                                                   H. Newell Martin
                                         Mathematics, 1876                                          Biology, 1876

                                        Ira Remsen                                                      Charles D. Morris
                                        Chemistry, 1876                                              Classics, 1876


  John M. Cross,                                                    Philip R. Uhler                                   Austin Scott
Greek 1876                                                         National History, 1876                       History, 1876

A. Marshall Elliott                                                Thomas C. Murray                             Herman C.G. Brandt
Romance Philology, 1876                                    Shemitic,  1876-1879                         German, 1876

William K. Brooks                                                Harmon N. Morse                             Robert Ridgway
Biology, 1876                                                       Chemistry, 1876                                Natural History, 1876-1877

William E. Story                                                    Arthur W. Tyler                                 Charles S. Hastings
Mathematics, 1876                                                Librarian, 1876-1878                         Physics, 1876

Chas. R. Lanman,                                                  Herbert B. Adams                             Albert S. Cook
Sanscrit, 1877-1880                                              History, 1878                                    English, 1879

Minton Warren                                                       William Hand Browne                       Henry Sewall
Latin, 1879                                                              Librarian, 1879                                Biology, 1880



Henry Sewall,                                                            Samuel F. Clarke                             Fabian Franklin
Biology, 1876-1878                                                   Biology, 1879                                  Mathematics, 1879

Lyman B. Hall                                                            Christian Sihler                                Henry C. Adams
Chemistry, 1879-1880                                                Biology, 1879-1880                       Political Economy, 1879

Thomas Craig                                                            William T. Sedgwick                        Edwin H. Hall
Mathematics, 1879                                                     Biology, 1880                                  Physics, 1880

George H. Stockbridge                                              Philippe B. Marcon
Latin & German, 1880                                                French, 1880



Simon Newcomb,                                                     Leonance Rabillou                            John S. Billings
Astromony, 1876                                                      French, 1876                                   Medical History, 1877

Francis J. Child                                                         Thomas M. Cooley                          Julius E. Hilgard
Early English, 1877-1878                                          Law, 1877-1879                             Geodetic Surveys, 1877

James Russell Lowell                                                 John W. Mallet                                Francis A. Walker
Romance Literature, 1877                                         Technological Chemistry                   Political Economy
                                                                                 1877-1878                                      1877-1878

William D. Whitney                                                    William F. Allen                               William James
Comparative Philology, 1877                                       History, 1878                                  Psychology, 1878

George S. Morris                                                        J. Lewis Diman                                H. Von Hoist
Philosophy, 1878                                                        History, 1879                                   History, 1879

William G. Farlow                                                       J. Willard Gibbs                               Sidney Lanier
Botany, 1879                                                              Theoretical Mechanics                      English Literature
                                                                                   1879                                                1879-1880

Charles S. Peirce                                                        John Trowbridge                               J. Lewis Diman
Logic, 1879                                                                Physics, 1880                                    History, 1881

A. Graham Bell,
Phonology, 1881

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