St John's Catholic Church
Long Green Pike, Baltimore County Maryland
Submittedy by:  Sue Plunkett

Historical Marker:  St John the Evangelist Catholic Church, First Roman Catholic Church in (present) Baltimore County.  Founded in 1822.  One and one half miles southeast of Sweet Air; one half mile northeast of Manor Road.  Building destroyed by fire February 25, 1855.  Parish relocated to present site.  First Mass offered December 30, 1855.  Baltimore County Historical Society.

Insctriptions copied by Miss Matilda Lacey and Mrs John slattery, June 1972

Row 1
Shepperd, Winfield
April 4, 1893
Infant son of J W and Ida M Shepperd

Shepperd, Josiah
d Apr 3, 1887
Aged 74 years
RIP, Father we give thee up to eternal rest

Shepperd, Frances
d Feb 22, 1884
Aged 69 years
Darling Mother
Wife of Josiah Shepperd
RIP, Mother thy work is finished.  There is rest for thee at home

Shepperd, Elias
b 1851
d 1881

Shepperd, Frances
b 1853
d 1824

Shepperd, M Laura
b 1855
d 1945

Roach, Robert
d Aug 23, 1920
Age 84 years
Native of County Waterford, Ireland

Roach, Mary C
d Aug 24, 1896
Aged 58 years
Native of County Cork Ireland

2 more graves without names

Row 2

Roach, Edward J
b Aug 21, 1875
d Dec 7, 1961

Henkel, Ferdinand
b Sep 8, 1829
d Dec 31, 1865

Henkel, Magnus
b May 4, 1847
d Jul 29, 1856

Henkel, Amalia
b Mar 18, 1844
d Jan 8, 1879

Henkel, Apollonia
b Jan 4, 1804
d April 14, 1884

Henkel, Mary L Schmidt
b Aug 27, 1882
d Jul 29. 1887

Schreiber, Julius
b 1856
d 1941

Schreiber, Philomana
b 1860
d 1929

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