Bohemian Cemetery
Submitted by:  Valerie Sayre


Bohemian National Cemetery (also known as Oak Hill Cemetery)

is located on Horner's Lane
Baltimore, MD 21205.

Directions from I-895/Harbor Tunnel North take Exit 13 and off ramp toward Erdman Ave 0.2mi, slight right onto Debelius Ave 0.1mi, then right onto Erdman Ave/MD-151 0.5mi, right onto Ashland Ave 0.1mi, left onto Wright Ave 0.1mi, right onto Harper Way 0.1mi, left onto Horners Lane 0.2mi, cemetery will be on the left.

This Czech cemetery was established in 1884. Sometime in the 1930s, the name was changed from Bohemian National to Oak Hill Cemetery. Later in the 1950s it was changed back to the original name and is still called that today.

This community cemetery is in good condition and still open for burial. It is managed by a cemetery board.

In the winter of 2006/2007, I transcribed the complete listing of all available burials, 1885-1986. Missing burials include Sep 5, 1932 to Mar 22, 1933 and Nov 18, 1971 to Aug 5, 1975.

The burial records contain many, many errors. I have corrected some of the more obvious ones in this revised listing. However, I strongly recommend that where the information on the headstone differs from the burial record, you use the information from the headstone.

Also. there are many headstones for individuals that are not listed in the burial records and many individuals listed in the burial records that don't have headstones. Therefore, you will want to check both listings.

Months of the Year

English                         Czech
January                        Leden
February                      Unor
March                          Brezen
April                             Duben                   A-D     E-H   I-K    L-M   
May                             Kveten
June                             Cerven
July                              Cervenec               N-O   P-Q   R-S   T-V   W-Z
August                          Srpen
September                    Zari
October                       Rijen
November                    Listopad
December                    Prosinec


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