Submitted by Tricia Fortney
4876 Section N

Henry L. Dennstaedt
(note: he is husband of Ida who is at Oaklawn)

Submitted by Laraine C. Wood
 2888 Section D

 James G. Cooper
1901 - 1942
 CPL  B 53rd INF

Submitted by Barbara Scherer

Ella Keller Scherer       b. 10/14/1914     d.  1/18/85      Plot  10  13219

Mahlen Robert Scherer b. 10/07/1899    d. 2/07/1953  Plot 10  132220

Others not confirmed to be family members:

Edward Alexander Scherer   b. 4/11/1898     d. 4/02/1952    Plot 10  13322
Howard E. Scherer                b. 12/02/1918   d. 5/17/1982    Plot PO  910
Mary Scherer                         b. 10/20/1884  d. 10/14/1972   Plot N0 965
Roland Scherer                       b. 4.11.1876   d. 11/24/1954    Plot N0 966

Submitted by:  Jane Cook 

Funk, Maggie, d/o Anthony and Catharine nee Walter; born in Baltimore, d. 6/5/1892, age 9 years, 8 months, of pneumonia, per St. Michael’s Church interment records page 102

Ruppert, Elizabeth, nee Rummel, born in Germany, d. 7/28/1893, age 56 years, of dropsy, per St. Michael’s Church interment records page 118

Schwarte, Joseph, h/o Teresa nee Schultz; born in Prussia, d. 11/9/1893, age 45 years, of dropsy, per St. Michael’s Church interment records page 122

Gay, Andrew W, b. 07/13/1905, d. 11/21/1970, Plot: L 0 602, bur. 11/25/1970  

Gay, Ellen T, b. 11/13/1900, d. 12/28/1965, US Navy, CWT, Plot: L 0 602, bur. 01/03/1966

Gay, Stanley P, d. 06/17/1946, Plot: D 0 2300, bur. 06/20/1946

Gay, Warner Francis, b. 04/11/1915, d. 01/21/1960, Plot: I 0 14371, bur. 01/25/1960

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