Benner 1890
Submitted by:  Gayle Triller

Adam Benner butcher 304 Pennsylvania av
Adam J. Benner candymkr 951 Hollins
Albert J. Benner engineer 1117 William
Benj D. Benner caumkr 2803 e Fayette
Canby A. Benner glassblower 1137 Ridgley
Catherine Benner grocer 221 n Burke
Chas F. Benner bricklayer 120 n Amity
Chas F. Benner Jr bricklayer 120 n Amity
Chas L. Benner bookkeeper 656 w German
Chas W. Benner glasswkr 1137 Ridgley
Christopher Benner butcher 304 Pennsylvania av
Conrad Benner baker 242 n Poppleton
Mrs Eleanor A. Benner 231 Warren avenue
Ferd C. Benner  engineer 231 Warren avenue
Ferd C Benner jr clerk 231 Warren avenue
Geo Benner butcher 3 Florence
Geo Benner butcher 304 Pennsylvania ave
Geo Benner laborer 2338 e Fayette
Geo Benner laborer 228 w Hamburg
Harry D. Benner stenog 1109 Harlem ave
Harry J. Benner glassblower 1127 Ridgley
Henry Benner bricklayer 617 n Burke
Henry Benner bricklayer 333n Clinton
Henry Benner  stonecutter 807 w Cross
John Benner 1184 Nantiucoke
John Benner blacksmith 951 Hollis
John Benner butcher 313 Clifton
John Benner carpenter 744 w Lanvale
Jos Benner tanner 221 n Burke
Mary Benner cigars 228 w Hamburg
Mary Benner cigars 951 Hollins
Mrs Mary A. Benner 414 n Caroline
Otto Benner (Rohlfing & Benner) justice of the peace Western District 656 w German
Otto Benner jr. barkeeper 649 n Paca
Saml Benner puddler 1137 Rigdgely
Thaddeus S. Benner molder 1529 Byrd
Wm M. Benner cutter 807 w Cross
Wm P. Benner bookkeeper 1015 Johnson

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