A list taken from the 1840 census of those who were recieving a military pension

Allen, Mary,                           age 75           5th  Ward
Bowen, Elizabeth,                   age 79           5th  Ward
Cook, Henry                          age 82           4th  Ward
Frazier, Henrietta                   age 79          11th  Ward
Griffith, Evan                         age 83            3rd  Ward
Haney, Susannah                   age 83            8th  Ward
Hauft, Elizabeth                     age 81           17th  Ward
Hutson, Samuel                     age 77            1st   Ward
Kelly, Catharine                    age 65            9th   Ward
Lambert, Christopher            age 89            8th   Ward
Lorentz, Ann Elizabeth          age 65            8th  Ward
Nicholson, Laura                   age 35            9th  Ward
Pheleps, Elizabeth                 age 68           10th Ward
Renizall, George                   age 55             1st Ward
Wells, Richard                      age 84            10th Ward

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